Suggested Troubleshooting for Chromebook Home WiFi Issues

How to connect to a WiFi:

To change your wireless setting, click anywhere in the status area in the bottom right-hand corner of your Chromebook’s shelf.  This will expand the status area to show the basic settings.  Near the top you will see your current network connection in the network bar.  If you see “No Network,” you need to click on the network bar to open a list of available networks.  Select your network name to connect your WiFi, and enter your WiFi password.  Make sure that you have entered the correct password.  Remember that your password is case sensitive.

Other devices connecting but not the Chromebook:

If all of your other household WiFi devices are able to connect to your WiFi and the Chromebook is still not connecting or the connection does not hold, remove one device in your house that is currently connected to your WiFi.  Then try to connect the Chromebook.  If your Chromebook is still not able to connect, then it is possible you need to increase your WiFi bandwidth. (You will need to contact your internet service provider.)

If all your other devices still connect to your WiFi and the Chromebook does not, try turning everything off.  Turn off your Chromebook, turn off your modem, and then turn off your router (if you have a separate one).  Wait at least 2 minutes, then reboot all of your devices.  Begin with your modem, then the router (if you have one), and finally reboot your Chromebook.

If your Chromebook connects fine at school or other locations but not at home, then there is some issue between the Chromebook and your own router.  You will need to contact your internet service provider.