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The University of Puget Sound

School of Music 

2021 Honors Recital Competition


Announcement of Winners,

April 10, 2021

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A competition to select and honor
Puget Sound students’ best performances

of solo and small group music --

any instrument, voice type,
genre, or time period.  

Multiple winners will be presented on a special Honors Recital concert program and will receive a $200 cash prize.  Eligibility, procedures, and frequently asked questions for the competition are below.

Applications to the competition closed
on March 26, 2021.


  1. The Competition is open to students currently registered at the University of Puget Sound for 3 or more academic units.
  2. Contestants must have permission from their studio teacher in the School of Music to enter the competition (University of Puget Sound students who do not currently have a studio teacher within the School of Music may apply for an exception).
  3. Eligible Performances: music of any instrument, voice type, genre, or time period that falls within one of the following guidelines—
  1. One eligible student performing alone; with any musical selection intended for a single performer
  2. Two, three, four, or five eligible students performing together, with any musical selection in which each musician performs a distinct part
  3. One eligible student accompanied by a non-eligible pianist, with a musical selection of soloistic character that is typically understood to be part of the solo repertoire for the student’s discipline; including sonatas, show pieces, songs, and other concert pieces
  4. One eligible student accompanied by a non-eligible pianist, with a musical selection of soloistic character that is written to be accompanied by an ensemble but is performed in the competition with a piano reduction; including concertos, concerto movements, operatic and concert arias, or other works for soloist and ensemble
  1. Students may only submit to the competition:
  1. One solo entry (including works accompanied by piano as described above);
  2. One chamber ensemble entry;
  3. One solo entry and one chamber ensemble entry
  1. Any questions about rule interpretation, eligibility, categorization of musical selections, or other issues not clarified by the rules will be decided by the faculty judging panel.



Procedure and dates:

  1. Students are encouraged to submit their one best selection.  Entries of short duration are welcome and will be judged on the quality of the performances, without regard or preference for length of the selection.  As a general maximum, each entry should be under 15 minutes in length.  Exceptions to this limit will only be considered in cases where a single continuous piece or movement cannot be divided, and will be approved or declined at the discretion of the judging panel.  For winning entries containing multiple movements or pieces, judges may elect to program only one selection from the entry on the Honors Recital.
  2. All stages of the 2021 competition must observe the SOM distancing and safety policies in force at that time.
  3. Students will submit an online application form and provide a self-produced, unedited video audition recording by 11:59 pm on March 26, 2021.  All competition forms and information will be published on this page.  The address of this page is:
  4. The competition will be judged by a faculty panel.
  5. The Honors recital will be recorded in Schneebeck Hall during April 2021, for online broadcast.
  6. Winners who require non-student accompaniment for their selections and who elect to make use of a School of Music staff pianist will receive school support covering the pianist’s performance and up to 90 minutes of rehearsal time.  Students may also elect to use an outside pianist at their own expense; guests to the building will have to follow the school’s campus visitor protocol.


Frequently Asked Questions: In order to help students plan their participation and understand all details, answers to frequently asked questions will be listed here.  This is provided in an effort to clarify and illuminate the rules above.  Nothing in the FAQ should be taken to contradict the rules above and, in the event of any conflict, the rules above will take precedence.



All information about the current competition will be published

on this page.  The address of this page is: