Theatre Arts 1 (A Day)                                    Syllabus – 2019-2020


Mr. Jordan Clifton

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Drama Studio


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Hello and welcome to Theatre Arts I!  My name is Mr. Clifton and I am beyond excited to have you in this introduction to Theatre class.  In this class, you will experience many different kinds of theatre – either individually, or all at once!  After successfully completing this course, you will broaden your knowledge of theatre, develop an appreciation for the arts, heighten your performance and technical skills, and, most importantly, your self-confidence. 

Course Description:

Beginning Theatre Arts, or Theatre Arts I, is designed to be a survey of theatrical arts.  In this course, you will learn many aspects of theatre that include performance skills, using both improvisation and prepared pieces, theatre history, technical theatre and musical theatre. You will also learn appropriate audience etiquette, explore careers within the industry and discover how to offer constructive criticism in the field of theatre.

Required Materials:

The following materials are required to ensure effective learning for Theatre Arts I:

Page Divider for Theatre, Composition Notebook or Journal, writing utensils, highlighter and any other materials that you see fit to complete project-based items.

Student Learning Outcomes and Methods of Assessment:

This course will follow the North Carolina State Essential Standards for Theatre Arts I, found at:

Evaluation and Grading Procedures:

Because of the nature of theatre, this course will be evaluated through various means of assessment.  The 10-Point Grading Scale will be used to determine overall grades for the course.  The breakdown for grading in this course is as follows:

Point System-


Performances- 200 points

Projects- 150 points

Major Assessments- 150 points


Skills Assessments-100 points

Participation- 100 points (per week)

Minor Projects- 50-75 points

Minor Written Assessments- 50 points


Miscellaneous class activities- 0-10 points

Classroom Expectations:

The students and instructor will follow the following expectations:

  1. Be respectful – Give courtesy to one another, the environment, the instructor, and yourself.
  2. Be prepared – Come to class prepared with the necessary materials, assignments, and clothing to be an effective member of the class.
  3. Be on time – Show up for class and be on time.  Tardiness will not be accepted.

D- Demonstrate control of your body and voice

R- Respect yourself and others

A- Always try your best

M- Maintain focus to stay on task

A- Audience etiquette

Attendance Policy, Make-Up Work, and Late Work:  The Theatre Arts I classroom will follow the attendance policy outlined by the School Handbook.  Please refer to your handbook for specific details.

Students who are absent will be expected to complete and turn in all makeup work with the same number of missed days plus one additional day upon their return.  Example:  If a student is absent for two consecutive days, he/she should be allowed a total of three days to return the missing assignment.  If a test is missed, schedule a time with Mr. Clifton to make it up.  Pop quizzes cannot be made up.

Homework/assignments are due at the time that the instructor collects them (mostly at the beginning of class).  Any work turned in after that time is considered late and will be graded as such.  For each day that the assignment is late, five (5) points will be deducted from the top.  For example, if an assignment is due on Monday and not turned in until Wednesday, ten (10) points will be deducted and the highest grade that can be obtained is a 90%.  No late work will be accepted after five days.

The Theatre Arts I classroom will follow the honor code outlined by the School Handbook.  Please refer to the handbook for specific details.

Theatre Arts Department Dates :   All Theatre students are required to participate in at least one production, either in a performance role onstage or a technical position behind the scenes. If you are interested in Fiddler on the Roof  as a technician or actor, these rehearsals will require much more commitment, we will meet most  weekdays after school. We would love for you to get involved and hope to see you at all these events!

Broughton Improv Troupe Auditions                        September 10 @ 2:30-4PM

Fiddler Audition Workshop                                     September 20 @ 2:30-4PM

Fiddler Auditions                                                         September 23 and 24 @ 2:30-6 PM

Collage Broughton Arts                                 September 25 @ 6:30-8:00

Fiddler Callbacks                                                        October 1 @ 2:30-6PM

Fall Play: Eurydice                                                      October 17 and 18 @ 6PM

NCTC Play: Almost, Maine                                      November 7 @ 6PM

NCTC Competition Trip                                            November 8 and 9

Musical: Fiddler on the Roof:                                  February 21, 22, 23 @ 6:30 PM

 International Thespian Showcase & Inductions        March 12 @ 6 PM

 International Thespian Festival @ App State:                March 13-15