Mon 1st July - for Thursday’s lesson

Finish your powerpoint on your individual

Remember to include;

The situation before their discovery.

Their discovery- what, how, methods, challenges.

The impact and significance of the discovery.

    (in England / short term and long term)

Thurs 13th June

1. Finish the source question

2. Read over the medieval medicine pages in the text book p.8-23 / revision book p. 109- 115 and complete the factors sheet. Bring it to next lesson as you will need to present ideas back to the group.

Mon 10th June - for Thursday

Complete the notes / table on towns and monasteries

Read over p20-23. You will need this for Thursday’s lesson.

Thurs 16th May - for Mon

Plan out the Germany questions on the exam paper - bring it to Monday’s lesson

Revise for an Asia test on Monday

Mon 13th May - Thurs

Revise for a re-test on Germany - 10 questions from today’s test

Thurs 25th April - For Monday

  1. Finish your notes on Medieval Medicine
  2. Revise the Germany course - knowledge test Mon 13th May


  1. Answer qu 2 from the paper in your books - use the outline sheet to help you.
  2. Revise for the knowledge test on Asia - I will give you the same test.
  3. Begin revising for the Summer Exam. You will be given a complete Paper 1 and so will need to revise the Germany and Asia work. You have your books / flashcards / revision guides / bbc bitesize / the VLE
  4. Read over the relevant section in the orange book. You will be studying Health and the people - so pages 4-88

Thurs 21st March - for Thursday 28th

Complete booklet 3

Answer this question in your book - Which reason(s) was most important for the US failing in Vietnam? Explain in a paragraph.

Learn all the Asia work for a knowledge test on Thursday (Korea / Vietnam)

Thurs 28th Feb - for Monday

  1. Finish answering the 12 mark source question.

Follow the same format for Source 9 and add a conclusion

Source 9 is useful because it shows me that a high ranking member of the Viet Cong felt that the US invaders would be easily defeated. They would do this by… (use the source)

The provenance is also useful because …….


This fits in with my knowledge because I know that …

Overall both sources are useful because they show …….

2. Make sure that your booklet is completed to be handed in.


Mon 25th Feb - for Thurs

  1. Finish the 8 mark question on My Lai, if you haven’t already

Write an account of how the My Lai massacre affected attitudes towards the Vietnam War. (8 marks)

P.2 - Discuss how the military had tried to cover this up and what the people thought about this, the politicians and the protests that followed.

2. Finish your booklets up to and including page 20.

3. Answer this question

Write an account of how the Tet Offensive was a turning point in the Vietnam War. (8 marks)

2 paragraphs

P.1 - Outline what happened and what the US people thought about this – what happened to their support?

P.2 – Explain how was it a turning point politically and with the media. What did Johnson decide? What did the media do?

Thurs - for Mon 25th

Finish your booklets up to and including page 15

Mon 11th Feb - for Thurs

Finish your notes on Viet Cong tactics and print

Read p.350-352

Thurs 7th Feb

Finish your answer for Monday

Mon 4th Feb - for Thurs

Complete p.8

Mon 28th Jan - for Thurs

Finish the exam question

Finish your booklets on KOREA - up to p.17

If time - plan the qu on p.22

Mon 21st Jan - for Mon 28th Jan

Learn the work on Korea for a knowledge test on Monday 28th Jan

Mon 14th Jan - for Thurs

Read p.336 and complete pages 8-9 in your booklet  

Thurs 10th Jan - For Mon

Finish your notes on the Holocaust and glue / staple them into your book.

If time - read over p.334-341 in the green books

Thurs 6th Dec - For Tues

  1. Rewrite qu 3 - don’t just copy the model answer but remember to use your own knowledge (2 bits for each source)

2. Finish the sheet on propaganda - use p.95-6

Mon 3rd Dec - For Thurs

Finish the notes on the church;

1. Glue down the slides and highlight the key points.

2. Find 2 examples of religious people who opposed Hitler. Explain what they did and what happened to them. (use p.91)

3. How serious was the opposition from the church? Explain.

Mon 19th Nov - For Thurs

Finish planning answers to part 1

Revise part 2 - Wall St Crash to Hitler becoming a dictator (p.40 - 43)

Thurs 15th Nov - for Mon

Finish your powerpoint on youth opposition and be ready to show it to the class

Revise for the lesson - Germany Part 1  (Revision book p.31 - 39) Use google classroom too as the resources are on there.

Mon 12th Nov - For Thurs

Finish your notes on the Hitler Youth

Revise for your assessment

Thurs 5th Nov - For Mon

Finish the interpretations questions (1-3) in the booklet

Finish your notes on the economy

Revise all of the work on Germany.

Use the revision books / flash cards/ bbcbitesize

Mon 5th Nov - For Thurs


Thurs 1st Nov - for Mon

1.Using p.78-80 complete the sheets on the different steps that Hitler took to become a dictator. Consider the following;

         What happened? Why? How did it help Hitler?

Mon 29th Oct - for Thursday

  1. Finish the reasons why Hitler was chancellor - glue in
  2. Explain 2 or 3 links between the reasons
  3. Which reason(s) is the most important? Explain in a paragraph

Thurs 18th Oct - for Monday 29th Oct

Finish the classwork

Read p.74-80 for next lesson

Read over your notes before next lesson

Mon 8th Oct - for Mon 15th Oct

Revise everything we have done so far for a knowledge test.

Fill in the sheets / test / quiz to help you.

Use your books / CGP revision guides (p.31-39) and bbc bitesize is good

Click on the link and look at the first four topics

Mon 1st Oct - For Thurs 4th Oct

Finish your exam question

Revise for a knowledge test on 15th Oct - I will give you flash cards on Thursday

Thurs 27th Sept - for Monday

What problems did the Weimar Republic face 1919-1923?

In pairs look back at your notes from 1919 and find evidence for these categories. Discuss it and make brief notes (at least 3 bullet bullets)

Economic –

Political –

Social -

Thurs 13th Sept - For Monday - bring to lesson

Complete the exam question

Thurs 6th Sept - For Monday - bring to lesson

Read over classwork

Read p. 54-56 down add any other key points (5-8 of them – don’t write pages)