Junior Girls Mustangs Volleyball

  1. Be present. Similar to being attentive - when you are at practice or a game BE there 100%, no distractions.
  2. Be a student athlete - be successful in your classes.  This is not grade point, this is effort, this is having your work done and being present and never late!
  3. Be a fun loving player.  Always have fun while learning the game of volleyball. Know it is hard work and that you will receive constant feedback on things to improve upon.
  4. Be a student of the game.  Watch competitive volleyball, attend University or College matches, find games on YouTube to watch, do it a team mate.  Read blogs about competitive volleyball and how to get better.
  5. Be a positive team member.
  6. Be a great practice player! Make full use of practice time.  Remember practice is important, but practice with proper technique is as important because Practice makes Permanent.
  7. Be involved in other sports. Play other sports, but make volleyball your number #1 sport and enjoy the others.  Become a volleyball player who plays other sports. If you were to pick up one thing this summer that you don’t presently do, get a ball and glove and practice catching and throwing, even pretending to be a baseball pitcher.
  8. Be an athlete who gives back to their community by volunteering.

This summer I would like you to join me for practices/scrimmages on Wednesday mornings on the following dates:

July 4, July 11, July 18, July 25, August 2

Return to school camp/tourney:

        August 21st, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm


Volleyball Camps

Here is a link to the Momentum website;


At the website, just click on "Where We Go" and the third one down is Bruce County.

Momentum Pro Camps - Professional Athletes In Your Home Town


Momentum Pro Camps brings professional athletes and professional resources to small towns, with the goal of promoting growth in volleyball to the region.

Setting and Volleying

Developing good setters starts with the legs

Do the first exercise 3-5 times 10 reps each.  Focus is - shape of ball, catch above eyes, push against resistance with arms and legs at same time, note finish - hands are still in the shape of the ball.

try to do the first one daily.  Second as often as possible trying to speed up and increase your height of set and range - distance.

Quick Reminders:


Passing and Bumping