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77.37 Cold
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77.37 Cold

857. I need to break my writing sessions into 2 hour blocks.  6 hours straight is unproductive.

858. Learn to work A2 control panel like a borrowed mule.  CP can do so much without relying on other programs or apps.

859. Go to the Philippines to hire my team on Palawan.

860. Create quote images to pin on pinterest.  They can also be posted on Facebook to build up Likes and Shares.

861. Use pinterest to promote free ebooks without logins.

862. As baby boomers, and as introverts, we have too much left in the tank not to step up and fix our lives, our families, and our country.

863. So what can we all do in the meantime. Here are a few tips:

  1. Get out of the stock market on the coming final rally.
  2. Get out of the bond market.
  3. Get out of debt.
  4. Get out of investment property.
  5. Don’t depend on a pension system which is likely to fail.
  6. Don’t expect the government to look after you.
  7. If you lose your job, plan how you can survive. There are lots of services that are in demand in a depression.
  8. If you have savings, don’t keep them all in the banking system.
  9. Hold gold and silver outside the banking system.
  10. Family and friends are extremely important in difficult times. Create a circle of mutual dependence and trust.



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867. It’s time to get the room totally clean before Monday.  Clean up and box up items for charity.


What were the general rules of trade during this time?

The value of things and trading “rules on the ground“ were similar to trade rules at normal life flea markets.

A few of those “rules on the ground“ during the trade were:

  1. If YOU need something then the price is going up. (Do not look like you desperately need something.)
  2. Do not offer all that you got in “one hand“ or on one try. (Do not go to trade with your best shots all together, it looks desperate, and you are losing all the advantage then.)
  3. Do not ever give a reason for someone to take the risk of attacking you because you have way too cool stuff (or way too much stuff) with you. (Have some amount of food, or ammo, or whatever, do another trade at another time with more of that. Remember people will take chances if they calculate it is a risk worth taking.)
  4. Never give info how much of the goods you actually have at home. ( The reason is same as above.)
  5. Never do trade at your home (unless you trust the person 100%) because you never know to who you are giving valuable information about how much you have, what your home look like, how many people are there (defense) etc.
  6. Doing the trade in other trader s home might mean that you are at his “playground“ (or he is stupid) so you are losing the edge. You are risking of being on unknown terrain. Always try to choose neutral ground somewhere that you can control the situation, giving the opponent the chance to feel safe. (But not safer than you).

It is most important that you understand when SHTF (for real) system is out, and only thing that protect you from losing everything is you.

869. Create a page with dumbell exercises listed with links to YouTube videos that demonstrate each exercise.

870. I need to take all these PUA videos and update or link to materials for IBMs*.


872. One thing that will be hard to do - give up buying shiny objects for 77 days.

873. My lack of organization is costing me time and money.

874. “Pratyekabuddhas are said to achieve enlightenment on their own, without the use of teachers or guides, according some traditions by seeing and understanding dependent origination. They are said to arise only in ages where there is no Buddha and the Buddhist teachings (Sanskrit: dharma; Pāli: dhamma) are lost. "The idea of a Paccekabuddha … is interesting, as much as it implies that even when the four truths are not preached they still exist and can be discovered by anyone who makes the necessary mental and moral effort".[1] Many may arise at a single time.


875. One of the most difficult ways to reach enlightenment.  Appealing at times when you get sick of people.  Not for me, but it’s interesting to see the many flavors of Buddhism or asceticism.

876. My 21 Day Water Fast To Fix What Ails Me

I am beginning a 21 day water fast - without my diabetes oral meds (I am not insulin dependent) - in a critical attempt to get my A1c under control, take no meds, and show no signs of diabetes.

Diabetes is the main reason for the water fast, but not the only one.

I have inflammation built up in my body even though I have followed a vegan diet for about 4 months.  

What to Expect:

I have fasted in the past for 22 days and 10 days, but these “fasts” included calories from juices and protein shakes.

I know that the first 3 days are the toughest for me, and then it becomes routine.  Your body has to flush out any remaining fecal matter and give you a clean colon.

Knowing the stages will get me mentally prepared for what is to come.

One of the first things you will feel is hunger.  Duh.  You only have water where cheeseburgers used to reside at regular intervals.

Update:  Didn’t make the 21 days.  May try again later.

877. I’m taking on too many new shiny objects to supposedly make money.  I will leave it all to Ed Dales new challenge and SBI!

Coming up with a new WOW every day might be harder than expected.  I need to give myself a few minutes.

The pain in my mouth from a loose bridge is even worse with the bridge now out.  A piece of metal is cutting into my tongue.  I have looked locally for orthodontic wax but to no avail.

“We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and banks destroy the economy.” - Chris Hedges

Movements like UBI and Occupy Wall Street may be canaries in the coal mine.

878. Ovaries and Luck

With all of the rah-rah self-help books from Napoleon Hill onward, we are taught that success is earned.  To some extent it’s true, but only within your small subset of reality.

If you were born white to a loving, educated mother in 1950s America like I was, you won the ovarian lottery.  If I had been born at the same time to a mother in China, or India, or Sub-Saharan Africa, not matter what my talents and skills, my level of success would likely have been much lower.

Six percent of all humans who have ever lived are alive today.  What you are you owe to your genes - and the environment in which your being was realized.

If you have a monster work ethic, god bless you.  As I get older, it gets harder and harder to maintain that drive.  You deserve success, but it helps to remember all of those who have come before to create the conditions where your success can thrive.

Oprah and others call it gratitude.

Much of your success is based on things over which you have no control.  You may have earned your achievements, but it pays to stay humble and understand the total circumstances surrounding your success.

Modesty is out of fashion.  In high school, we were taught that we should be leaders.  We bought into it, but I’m not sure why.  A lot of it was self-help bunk by people like Dale Carnegie.

We should all now be extroverts who use persuasion to manipulate others.  Slick salesmen as heroes?  I don’t think so.

Getting rid of your pride may help with happiness.

XX Reasons to Go Radical Vegan

We all can find ourselves in places where going vegan makes sense.  I changed my diet to help fight diabetes after seeing youtube videos from various medical gurus like Greger, McDougall, and Barnard who claim that oil and fat enters the cells and blocks insulin from getting in, and causing insulin resistance.

Each of these doctors and many more recommend various forms of whole food, plant based, low fat diets to control and reverse diabetes.  Raw food diets work - if you can eat that much food and you actually like salads, which I don’t.  The Starch Solution is most appealing to me, but I haven’t been able to make it work yet.

Bottom line:  you have to read and study and test yourself to see what works for you.

Even if health like fighting disease is your reason to go vegan, or to lose weight, I don’t believe you can stay on that diet until you take a look at the way mankind (sic) exploits, kills, and consumes animals.

Radical vegan eat no meat, poultry, pork, fish, seafood, eggs, dairy, or honey.  

Radical vegans do not wear fur, leather, wool, or silk.

Radical vegans do not use work animals, visit zoos or racetracks, or engage in dog or cock fighting.

Animals are not trained to dance or otherwise amuse us.  In short, animals are sentient beings with feelings that do not need to be killed and eaten for men to survive.

Like most IBMs* growing up in the 50s and 60s, our mothers followed the USDA food pyramid.  We ate meat.  We ate chicken.  We ate dairy and eggs.  Cakes and pies and cookies.  Ice cream. And lots of it.  (Ben and Jerry are my 2 favorite Yankees.)

Our favorite restaurant in the world was Parker’s Barbeque in Wilson, NC, where my father grew up and where my grandparents lived on Downing Street.

If you look in an old fashioned phone book, you will see hundreds of my relatives named Lamm.  Or you can go online and see the same around the state.  Last time I was there, a Lamm was listed among the owners, but I have no idea how he was connected.  I just hope we don’t have too much in-breeding.  

Parker’s was the go to restaurant for Sunday dinner after church.  The line would stretch out the door 40 or 50 tables deep if you didn’t hustle to get there early.

Most people ate family style chicken and barbeque - all you could eat.  

Eastern NC barbeque is heavy on vinegar and red pepper, not mustard or tomato based.  Civilized folk now call it pulled pork, but the key was pressing out much of the grease.  Hogs today are raised leaner and faster in feedlots or CAGA and slaughtered before they can turn into the fat pigs of yesterday.  No one cooks with lard anymore.

A family style meal consisted of fried chicken (maybe the best in the world at that time), barbeque, Brunswick stew, coleslaw, boiled potatoes, and corn sticks.  Of course the kids loved the corn sticks best.

I don’t remember any limit on the amount of chicken, but Americans are much fatter than 50 years ago.  And the tea they mentioned in the day was sweet tea, what Oprah calls Baptist Church ice tea, something just a few tablespoons short of syrup, and served in small metal pitchers.

Not exactly vegan.

Our past need not be our future.  

Here are some reasons you might want to go vegan.

1. Health.  I’m selfish.  If you have heart disease, diabetes, or even cancer, a plant based diet can be a way to arrest, prevent, or even reverse these conditions that attack IBMs*.

2. Love animals.  If you say you love animals, you might consider not eating them.


Random Walk For 77

I am good at pumping out ideas to build the finest IBM* I can be.  Testing and follow through, not so much.

Bring on the Digital Ascetic.

I used to do more writing when I wrote morning pages by hand a la Julia Cameron.  I don’t know why I stopped.  I call them snot pages - it’s like blowing the junk out of your brain first thing in the morning.

I have a number of Pinterest boards I maintain looking for the best 40ish women in the world to see if I can find my last ex-wife.  I’m not sure if marriage is best for me or for any woman whose attention I can draw, but I need female companionship and intimacy without the bullshit.

I think the way to dive in for the first time in the Ukraine is via AFA romance tours.  At my age, time is the enemy.  With their socials, you can meet hundreds of women in a short amount of time and eliminate the unsuitable.

The pressure on the women to compete should make the experience an incredible fuck tour.

For men, I believe a study of PUA materials will help eliminate gold diggers by looking for the right signs.  It would be way too easy and also dangerous to sit back and let the ladies take all of the initiative.

As IBMs, most of us don’t have a clue to this day as to what makes women tick.  All I personally cared for was women who were horizontal and naked.

To a large degree, I am still open to that arrangement, but at this age, it’s more sympathy sex than desire on her part.

To be able to make the tour in the fall, I need to tackle a number of issues.  

I need to lick diabetes which I seem to have done.  By using a vegan diet without grains and processed carbs, my blood sugar is down to normal ranges.  It only took about 3 days to turn this around.  I hate the diet, but I am kicking myself.

I told this to an insulin dependent diabetic friend of mine in South Florida.  His reaction surprised me.

He told me he would rather eat and live the way he wanted and take the insulin.  Basically, he said anyone could get rid of diabetes by eating the way I am now, but he chose not to.  Amazing.

Diabetes causes everything.  At least it seems to.

I don’t even want to be meds dependent when I begin to travel.  I don’t want to check my blood sugar or even let the women know why I am vegan.  They can think of me as an animal rights activist weirdo, which I am not.  I am, however, leaning more and more in that direction.

When it comes to meeting the best looking foreign women close to my age, I need to be physically fit and mentally up for the challenge.

It’s a big mistake to think of potential mail order brides as anything less than the most complicated women you will have a chance to meet and get to know.  It takes a confident woman to consider marrying a foreign man she hardly knows, giving up her family and culture, and moving to a new country.

Besides being physically fit, my finances have to be stellar, and my ability to read the interest of women has to be spot on.  I don’t have time to waste on frauds.

This is also the day I get back to creating helpful routines, pledges, and rituals.  I am in Coral Springs, and nothing is getting in my way except me.

The celebrity I look to is Tiger Woods.  He is making another golf comeback, and I wish him the best, but I’m not convinced he can do it.  The reason is simple.  He was trained as much as an athlete as a golfer.  Now that he is coming back from injuries and surgeries, he has to retrain himself as a golfer.

At times, he seems bored with golf.  I can understand.  He has been pushed in that direction since the age of 2.

I find myself looking for ways to enhance my online business without getting bored by the same old shit.  I am totally revamping my online business by reviving SiteSell (now SBI for WP) and using that as the model for Walkabout Solopreneur.

 I don’t want to build a list and pound readers with affiliate ads.  I believe I will set up a Facebook group or two and recommend any good products that WS followers might find useful.

With my blood sugar under control by diet, I need to add walking and weight training back into the mix to see if I can get rid of meds over time.  I believe I can.  I need to be free of diabetes drugs to travel the way I want.

I have to mentally account for my actions.  One reason I have gone totally vegan is so I don’t have to weigh deviations when controlling my blood sugar.  It’s a way of deliberately tricking myself to give me peace of mind that I am doing the right thing.  The results so far are amazing.

An AFA tour of Kiev and Kharkiv in November will cost at least $5,000 (tour price plus airfare).  In my mind, it will cost at least twice that amount.  I will need money for dates with women I’m interested in, and possibly for side trips around Eastern Europe.

This will be no time to go cheap.  I don’t want to worry about being ripped off by locals - I assume it will happen.  I just don’t want it to ruin my trip.

What I will need is an ongoing revenue stream online that makes money no matter where I am in the world.

The hard part of planning for this adventure is underestimating the time and effort it takes to get ready.  Building a full time income online is no easy task, or else everyone would do it.  Life has a way of getting in the way and throwing obstacles in your path.

Coming up with a master plan is difficult at best because threats are impossible to predict.  What I have to be concerned with are making corrections and adjustments as I go along.

Or the mouth.  That’s why it’s all about changing strategy as you need to.