Membership Policies 2019-2020

The Ironhorse Consortium for Young Musicians is an educational program made possible through the hard work and dedication of talented music instructors and music students in and around Helena. Thank you for your interest in our organization; you are welcome to direct questions to Mr. Cleary at

Updated August 2019 (8/3/19 Draft)


The Ironhorse Consortium for Young Musicians (Ironhorse Music or ICYM) exists to inspire, educate, and connect people through music. All ensembles introduce classical and contemporary music literature to student musicians of all ages and provide a strong foundation of rehearsal and performance techniques. Through repertoire and educational opportunities, ICYM brings students and audiences a community connection to other cultures and social issues facing our society.

Students involved in ICYM ensembles have a chance to develop their musical skills in collaboration with musicians of all ages and ability levels.


Ironhorse Music welcomes all students committed to our mission. Membership within each ensemble is also subject to the following regulations.


Tuition is $200 for the entire year or $120 per semester per student. Any student with a sibling in ICYM is eligible for a discount ($30 for full year registration or $15 for semester registration). Please make all checks out to Ironhorse Music. The Myrna Loy is our 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor, but we are in the process of applying for our own 501(c)(3) status.

A monthly payment plan is available for $35 a month, but ICYM requires that payments be processed through automatic electronic withdrawals from a bank account. The monthly payment plan runs from September through May; students paying through the monthly payment plan will pay more than those who pay yearly or semester tuition.

For those students concerned about the cost of ICYM, Tuition Waivers are available upon request.


Rehearsal details differ by ensemble (see for this information), but policies surrounding them are the same.

Attendance is required at all regular rehearsals and dress rehearsals--everyone is needed if the ensemble is to be properly prepared for performances.

All members of Ironhorse Music must display courtesy and exhibit upstanding behavior at all rehearsals and at any events related to ICYM. If a student’s behavior becomes disruptive, parents will be called. If disruptive behavior continues, this will represent cause for dismissal from an ensemble.


Most Ironhorse ensembles are touring ensembles; twice a year, these ensembles travel around Helena to perform for members of the community. Tours are strongly encouraged for every member of ICYM, but they are not considered required concert performances because they require missing a day of school.

Plans are underway for select Ironhorse ensembles to tour and perform outside of Helena. Such travel brings with it additional expectations that are being developed.

The dress code on most tours is Functional Concert Attire, but ensemble conductors have final say in appropriate attire for each tour.


Each semester concludes with a final concert for all ensembles held in the sanctuary of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church. This season’s final concerts are scheduled on the following days.

The dress code for concerts is Full Concert Attire. Any unexcused absence from a concert represents cause for dismissal from an ensemble.

Dress Code

Full Concert Attire is expected primarily at evening concerts, but students will be notified of other events that require this level of formality.

Functional Concert Attire is permitted during tours because students will be on and off a bus with equipment. They need to look presentable, but comfort is also important.


The music used by the Ironhorse Consortium for Young Musiciansa is purchased, rented, and/or borrowed. Because music is expensive, all of it must be handled with care.