Spartan Cafe:




Student Expectations

Act Responsibly

  • Arrive to 1st period by 7:50 a.m. with materials needed.
  • Use sidewalks only
  • Walk bikes to appropriate bike racks and lock them safely.

Be Respectful

  • Keep hands & feet to yourself at all times.
  • Follow dress code expectations.

Communicate Effectively

  • Let your ride know that you only can be picked up and dropped off at the back doors in the car-line.

Adult Commitments

Act Responsibly

  • Move, Scan, & Interact with students during passing times.

Be Respectful

  • Acknowledge students who are meeting the expectations.

Communicate Effectively

  • Remind students that cell phones should be off & in their locker.

Why is this important?

Come join us for an insane dare that may make eating donuts a bit of a challenge! We will also be making a special announcement about an upcoming event. See you all Thur. Sept. 19 @ 7:15 in Gym II

The 8th Grade Volleyball Team was defeated by Seymour 6-25, 6-25.

Despite a super comeback in the first set to defeat Seymour 25-23, the 7th Grade Volleyball Team ended up losing the match. The other scores were 11-25, 4-15. The girls played a much improved defense and had some exciting saves!