Last Updated Tues. Dec 11, 2018

Please contact Herb Knochel with announcement requests.

Visiting Ministers: Bro. Wayne Hartzler (Ritmann, OH)


Collection: Harvestcall

Many hurting people throughout the world languish in spiritual and material poverty. By working together as a brotherhood through HarvestCall, we can offer assistance and hope by proclaiming Christ and serving others in the U.S., Mexico, Haiti, Jamaica, Europe and other places, striving to see that God is glorified as despair and suffering are alleviated, hearts and minds are transformed, and churches are established and nurtured. Your generosity is important and necessary to meet the needs of the various missions of our brotherhood. Thank you for your faithful love, prayers, and benevolence.

Christmas Caroling: will begin immediately after church on Sunday the 16th. Everyone is encouraged to join us in bringing Christmas cheer to others through song worship. If you have anyone you would like to sing for, please contact Bro. Randy Wuetrich.

Ed Frautschi:

Apostolic Christian Restmor, Inc.

 Ed Frautschi

1500 Parkside Ave.

Morton, IL 61550

Cell: 480-229-8055

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Bro. Leon Baumgartner

Alonzo Martinez family

Sis. Eleanor Hill

Bro. Howard and Sis. Eileen Maurer

Bro. Ed Frautschi    

Sis. Edith Freed 

Sis. Lou Ann Klopfenstein

Sis. Deanna Beyer

Bro. Chris and Sis. Heather Thorpe and their family

Ron Greenbank who lost his wife last week.