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Tairangi School Procedure Statement

READING        NAG 1 Curriculum

The following procedures are to be followed by the school:

  1. Teachers will use a variety of approaches within a balanced reading programme.  Teachers will encourage children to use a variety of skills be demonstrating the appropriate skills relevant to their level of development.
  2. Teachers will provide a variety of reading experiences and texts.
  3. Teachers will monitor regularly, each child’s progress in order to make future teaching decisions for that child.
    Running records/informal prose should be administered on each child at least three times a year for school assessment purposes.  For classroom evaluation of achievement running records will be administered more often – twice per term.
    All running records will be fully analysed to identify teaching points.
  4. The Six Year Diagnostic Survey will be administered to each child on or soon after the child’s 6th birthday.  The results will determine whether the child is at risk and requires Reading Recovery assistance.

    Older children defined as at risk will be referred to the Resource Teacher of Reading.
  5. All achievement Objectives and essential skills in the English curriculum that relate to Reading will be broken down into learning outcomes by teachers and covered at each level each year.

File:reading1.doc        Procedure Statement -  Reading