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Abbrevations and Acronyms
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primary           Special Education Procedures Manual

Special Education Programs Division Abbreviations and Acronyms

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ABC        Autism Behavior Checklist

AAMR        American Association on Mental Retardation

ADD        Attention Deficit Disorder

ADHD        Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

APE        Adapted Physical Education

ARC        Association for Retarded Citizens

ASAT        Abbreviated Stanford Achievement Test

AT        Assistive Technology

AUT        Autism

BCLAD        Bilingual Cross-cultural, Language and Academic Development 

BIP        Behavioral Intervention Plan

BSP         Behavior Support Plan

CAC SE        Community Advisory Committee (Special Education)

CAHSEE        California High School Exit Exam

CAPA        California Alternate Performance Assessment

CARS        Childhood Autism Rating Scale

CCS        California Children’s Services

CELDT          California English Language Development Test     

CLAD         Cross-cultural, Language and Academic Development

CPC         Center for Positive Change

CBI        Community-Based Instruction

CCS        California Children’s Services

CDE        California Department of Education

IAES        Interim alternative educational setting

IAP        Interdistrict Attendance Permit

IBT        Instructional/Behavioral Technician

IDEA        Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

IEE        Independent Educational Evaluation

IEP        Individualized Education Program

ILS        Integrated Life Skills

IFSP        Individualized Family Service Plan

IPT        Idea Proficiency Test

JCCS        Juvenile Court and Community Schools

K-ABC        Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children

LCI        Licensed Children’s Institution

LCSW        Licensed Clinical Social Worker

LDA        Learning Disabilities Association

 LDS         Language Development Specialist

LEA        Local Education Agency (school district)

LEP          Limited-English Proficient

LH        Learning Handicapped

LD        Learning Disabled

LSH        Language, Speech and Hearing

LRE        Least Restrictive Environment

MD        Manifestation Determination

MAART        Multi-Agency Referral Review Team

MH        Multihandicapped

MOVE        Movement Opportunities Via Education

MR        Mentally Retarded

NPA        Nonpublic Agency

SDOIA        San Diego Oral Assessment Instrument

SDUSD        San Diego Unified School District

SEA        Special Education Assistant

SEADD        Southeast Asian Developmental Disabilities

ED        Emotional Disability         

SEEC        Special Education Early Childhood

SEHO        Special Education Hearing Office

SELPA        Special Education Local Planning Area

SEPD        Special Education Programs Division

SEPF        Special Education Parent Facilitator

SESP         Special Education Service Plan

SET        Special Education Technician

SH        Severely Handicapped

SIP        School-Initiated Placement

SIS        Student Information System

SLD        Specific Learning Disability

SLI        Speech & Language Impaired

SLP        Speech-Language Program

SOI        Severe Orthopedic Impairment

        SPEDLEP        Special Education Limited English Proficient

SST        Student Study Team

STWTA        School-to-Work Transition Assistant

STAR        Standardized Testing and Reporting Program

CEC        Council for Exceptional Children

CH        Communicatively Handicapped

CMH        County Mental Health

CSB        California School for the Blind

CSCD        Community Service Center for the Disabled

COTA        Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

DB        Deaf/Blind

DEAF        Deaf

DHH        Deaf and Hard of Hearing

DIS        Designated Instruction and Services

DR        Department of Rehabilitation

DRT        Diagnostic Resource Teacher

DSS        Department of Social Services

ECS         Employability Counseling Services

EFRC        Exceptional Family Resource Center

EL        English Learner

ELEPS        English for Limited-English-Proficient Students

ESL        English as a Second Language

ESY        Extended School Year

FAA        Functional Analysis Assessment

FAPE        Free Appropriate Public Education

FEP        Fluent-English Proficient

HH        Hard of Hearing

HHSA        Health and Human Services Agency

HI        Hearing Impairment

HLS        Home Language Survey

IAA        Interdistrict Attendance Agreement

NPS        Nonpublic School

O & M        Orientation and Mobility

OCR        Office for Civil Rights

OEIP        Outreach and Early Intervention Project

OH        Orthopedically Handicapped

OI        Orthopedically Impaired

OHI        Other Health Impairment

OT        Occupational Therapy

OPL         Overall Proficiency Levels

PACE        Progressive Academic

        Curriculum Enrichment

PATH        Personalized Assistive Technology Hub

        PDRT        Program Diagnostic Resource Teacher

        PHPhysical and Health Disabilities

        PPDPervasive Developmental Disorders

        PPPSS Parentally Placed Private School Students

        PTPhysical Therapy

        RSResource Specialist

        RSPResource Specialist Program

        RTResource Teacher

        RTCResidential Treatment Center

        SAPStudent Apprenticeship Program

        SARB School Attendance Review Board

SAT        Scholastic Aptitude Test

SBDRT        Site Based Diagnostic Resource Teacher

SBI          Sensory Behavioral Integration

SDC        Special Day Class

SDCS        San Diego City Schools

SDCOE        San Diego County office of Education

SDAIE        Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English

STARS        Successful Transitions Achieved Through Responsive Support

TBI        Traumatic Brain Injury

TDD        Telecommunications Device for the Deaf

TDT        Transdisciplinary Team

TP        Transition Plan

TPP        Transition Partnership Program (Project GOLD)

        TRACE        Transition Resources for Adult Community Education

UCP        United Cerebral Palsy

VEEP        Voluntary Ethnic Enrollment Program

VH        Visually Handicapped

VI        Visual Impairment

VRC        Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

        WISC-III        Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children

YOU        Youth Opportunities Unlimited

Abbreviations and Acronyms