School Closure Procedures

Guidance for Parents/Carers

This Procedure is applicable to all pupils  in the School,
including those in an EYFS setting.

If an incident has occurred or there is severe weather which could present a hazard to activities, the School may need to temporarily close, or partially close.  This document provides guidance to parents/carers on the arrangements for a closure/partial closure.

Closure Procedures:
Outside of School Hours

If there has been severe weather outside school hours (which may comprise, but should not be limited to, heavy snowfall or rainfall), as early as possible in the morning Parents/Carers should establish the School’s status before leaving home by:

Checking text and email for a message from School (all efforts will be made to send messages before 07:15);

Checking the School’s website for the latest news from 06:45;

Listening to BBC Radio Manchester and checking its website for news of School closures;

And finally, the School’s switchboard (0161 488 3330) will carry an automated message advising of any closure.

If there is no such message on any of the above forums, Parents/Carers should assume that School will be open as usual and normal journeys should commence if it is safe and practically possible to do so.

However, please do not set out on the journey to School before completing the checks noted above as, in the event of closure, no School buses will be running and there will be only limited personnel on site at School.

Closure Procedures:
Outside of School Hours

If an incident occurs or should the weather deteriorate significantly during a School Day such that it is deemed unsafe for pupils to remain on site, the following actions will be taken:

The Second Master and Senior Operations Manager will agree on a time for the School to close with the Bus Companies.

Staff will be informed of the decision and will gather in Form Rooms with pupils (both Junior and Senior Schools) where a register will be taken.  Pupils will be supervised until they are able to return home safely.

The School’s website will be updated with closure details and emails and texts will be sent out to Parents/Carers.  Bus companies may then communicate with parents.


Junior School: Parents/Carers will be asked to collect pupils as quickly as possible.


Senior School: Pupils will be given the opportunity to contact Parents/Carers under the supervision of their Form Tutor who will ascertain how they are to get home.  These arrangements will be strictly adhered to.

Whilst many pupils will have mobile phones in their possession, may we ask Parents/Carers to refrain from contacting their child and instead wait for official communications from School.  

Pupils are released to return home:


Junior School:  When Parents/Carers (or nominated adult) arrive to collect them.


Senior School:  At the appropriate time via the Parents/Carers method agreed with the Form Tutor.

Pupils will remain supervised by the Head of Year or Senior Leadership Team until they are able to return home safely.

Parents/Carers are advised to check the School’s status regularly: messages will be posted on the Website and an automated message will be available by calling the School’s switchboard on 0161 488 3330.  This is especially important before setting out on the day following the closure.

SLT member responsible:

Second Master

supported by the Senior Operations Manager

Date of approval:

June 2017

Proposed Review Date:

June 2019

Primary Policy:

Critical Incident and Emergency Response

Other Related Policies and Procedures:

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