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1.        Authority

It is the policy of the Board that lines of communication be maintained by the District with other districts and institutions that provide programs, training or services not otherwise available to District students and with districts whose resident students are enrolled in programs of this District.

2.        Delegation of         Responsibility

Maintaining cordial and constructive relationships with other educational institutions shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent or designee.

3.        Guidelines

Receiving District

Provide an orientation program for incoming students from sending districts.

Assure that behavioral and medical issues concerning individual students entering this District have been made known to appropriate staff members.

Inform the sending district of any serious discipline problems encountered with students from their district.

Sending District

Establish programs to ensure that students of this District are properly prepared to enter the schools of the receiving district.

Establish procedures to inform students of program options in the receiving districts.

Monitor the progress of District students during their attendance in receiving schools.

Parochial/Private Schools

        SC 1332, 1354,                 1408

Establish appropriate student accounting procedures to satisfy District and state requirements in the areas of enrollment, attendance, transportation and other special services.

Maintain liaison with the administrators of private and parochial schools in order to be aware of any planned program or student population changes that could affect this District.

Institutions Of Higher Education

Welcome representatives of institutions of higher education to speak to students interested in attending their institutions upon completion of secondary education.

        Pol. 407

Cooperate in the placement and evaluation of student teachers in accordance with Board policy.

        Pol. 216

Honor all proper requests for transcripts and student records in accordance with Board policy.

Encourage local institutions to offer college level courses for credit for eligible students.

Encourage local institutions to provide graduate level courses for the benefit of District staff members.

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