October 23, 2021

We are looking for workers for the next few weeks.  There are many opportunities available.  Please contact Randy at 920-479-5959.

August 24, 2021

Please make sure to have the following at ALL jobs.

  1. Crescent Wrench
  2. Face Mask
  3. Multi pliers tool, if you have one.

August 10, 2021


Reporting and Dispatch



In order to protect the workers dispatched via the IATSE 470 hiring hall the following procedures will be adopted.


1.     The following will be in effect for all workers whom have had a possible exposure to COVID.

1.1  The worker will notify the Business Agent immediately.

1.2  The worker will get a COVID test according to CDC guidelines.

1.3  The worker will not be further dispatched without a negative test result.

1.4  Other workers will only be notified of a possible exposure if a worker has tested positive for COVID


2.    In the event an exposed worker tests positive for COVID the following procedures will go into effect to minimize the possible spread of COVID

2.1  They will notify the Business Agent of a positive test immediately.

2.2  The worker who tested positive will not be dispatched until a negative test is received and the proper precautions as described by the CDC, such as quarantine, have been observed.

2.3  The Business Agent will notify all workers who the positive tested worker may have come into contact with of a possible exposure.

2.4  It is the recommendation of the local that all workers possibility exposed be tested.

April 28, 2021

Did you lose your health insurance? There is no better time to get connected to real health insurance at a low cost. Recent COVID relief programs mean you can enroll in coverage on until August 15th with no hassles. You may be eligible to enroll in BadgerCare; even if your income increases,  you will stay enrolled through the public health emergency.

Navigators can help assess for programs like BadgerCare or Marketplace ( Navigators provide free, expert help to enroll and understand your health insurance. Don’t make the mistake of paying for coverage that doesn’t meet your needs. You want to be able to get free preventive care, pick up your meds and avoid medical debt. We can help.


Are you already enrolled in a plan? There are a few good reasons to follow up with a Navigator:

·         The American Rescue Plan has reduced premium prices for everyone, we can help you update to get these savings.

·         Also through the ARP, if you are receiving unemployment in 2021, you will see more savings this summer. We can explain.

·         Picking the best plan for your budget and healthcare needs: you can actually change plans right now if you want.

·         You may be eligible for zero cost Medicaid (BadgerCare) instead, we can help assess.


In the Fox Valley, Partnership Community Health Center has enrollment assisters to help you today. Call 920-882-6420.


Please let them know you are an IATSE stagehand when you call.

I tried their assistance and it was amazing.  They are not sales people!  They were able to help me navigate the ACA website and select the best program for myself.  They are very educated about the new opportunities available.

Randal Darabosh

IATSE 470 Business Agent

If you have other Questions please contact me at 920-479-5959.