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2020 SBC Wrestling Tournament Info Sheet
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2020 SBC Wrestling Tournament

Norwalk High School

February 22, 2020

TOURNAMENT                Matt Flewelling        


                                419-217-0193 (Cell)

























FORMAT:                16 MAN MODIFIED BRACKET. SEE ATTACHED BRACKET. If there is ANY weight Class that has more than 16 kids, there will be a rattail match with the worst two records prior to the first round - winner is in the tourney. Rat-tail matches will be at 9:30 am.  Wrestling tourney begins at 10:00.  Finals 45 minutes after the last match.

WEIGH - INS:                         8:000 am by weight class.  Please be prompt! Doors open by 7:00

SEEDING MEETING:        Seed meeting will be the Saturday before the tournament held at Norwalk beginning at 7:30. Rosters must be recorded on Baumspage by that Friday at 12:00 noon. Entry grid and seed nominations will be posted by 8:00pm Friday Once a wrestler has been placed in the tourney, he cannot be moved to a different weight class.

SEEDING:                                Wrestling Criteria:

  1. State placer in the same weight class
  2. State placer in different weight class
  3. State qualifier in same weight class
  4. State qualifier in different weight class
  5. District placer in same weight class
  6. District placer in different weight class
  7. Winning percentage (12 Match Minimum)
  8. Challenges can overrule any criteria
  1. Challenge takes precedence over all criteria:
  1. Coach explains why he is challenging
  2. Must challenge a seed when the first call for challengers occurs at the seeded position.  No challenges after discussion and voting has taken place for each seeded place.  The order of discussion is: challenger (s) first, criteria seeded wrestler last.  If more than one challenger, then the Tournament Director decides which challenger talks first.  
  3. When a challenge has taken place with one challenger; a majority vote wins.  Two or more challenges; a majority vote wins.  If a tie occurs, keep the tied wrestlers and vote again.  If another tie results, refer to set criteria.
  4. A seeded wrestler cannot refuse once the voting procedure has started for that weight class.
  5. A seeded wrestler not making weight shall be scratched from the tournament. The next available seeded wrestler will be moved to that line.
  6. If a wrestler does not make weight and there are 17 wrestlers, entered, a rat-tail wrestler will moved to the open line.  If there are are more than 17 wrestlers one of the rat-tail wrestlers will be randomly selected and placed on the line.
  7. When a wrestler steps on the scales for the official weigh-in; he is entered at that weight and cannot move to another weight class. If the seed meeting is done ahead of time Thursday wrestlers cannot move to a different weight class after the draw has occurred.
  8. A school representative must remain in the seeding meeting until the seeding of all weight classes are completed.
  9. Each school must vote for each seed                    
  10. A wrestler must have a .500 or better record to be seeded OR has beaten a wrestler who is seeded  (head to head competition )
  11.  Seeds will be placed on the proper lines (1,3,4,5,6,8) and byes will be drawn in. The remaining wrestlers will then be drawn in.  There will be 8 wrestlers seeded if they have seeding criteria that makes them eligible.
  12. The Order of  Draw will be done at the start of the meeting (school names or pills will be randomly drawn as opposed to alphabetical or Conference order)
  13. Weigh-ins will follow OHSAA weigh-in guidelines

TEAM ROSTERS:                Rosters must be submitted to Baums Page by 12:00 noon Friday February 21, 2020

COACHES MEETING:        During weigh ins - 8:00- seeding will occur then.  Any changes must be made before 8:00 am. 


ADMISSION:                             Prior to 3pm:                        Adult: $8.00      Student: $6.00

                                Finals Only:                 Adult: $6.00      Student: $5.00

        Fan Gate Opens at 8:30 AM


Concessions:        Norwalk Athletic Boosters---No Crockpots Allowed

HOSPITALITY ROOM:        This area is for coaches, officials, and tournament staff only.  This area will have someone in there at all times to make sure that only authorized personnel may enter .  The hospitality room will be located across from the auxiliary gym.  We will have water, soda, chips, pretzels, and popcorn in the hospitality room.  All coaches will receive 3 tickets for complimentary food at the concession stand.  Each ticket will be good for 1 item at our concession stand.

Locker Rooms:                           Locker rooms will be available for each school.  Three locker rooms will be available                                                        separated by division


  1. Championship Trophy per division
  1. Fourteen Awards for First Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth per weight class and will be personalized on site. Eight placers per weight class will be recognized.
  2. One Outstanding Performer per division

LOCATION:                The tourney will be held at NORWALK  HIGH SCHOOL - FIVE MATS. Three mats in the main gym and two mats in the auxiliary gym.

2021 Date - February 20, 2021