Volume 18 / Issue 3        

Board of Directors

Shane Marquardt (President)

608 607 3594

LeRoy Welter (Vice President)

608 234 0607

Woody Steinhoff (Secretary)

813 735 9817

Bruce Weyh (Treasurer)

608 981 2582

Troy Bartz

608 279 9362

Jeana Welter

608 354 1188

Larry Lietz

863 517 1280

Dan Denzer

390 394 3265

Bill Voigt

608 547 2578

Barb Calkins

608 617 5567

Jeremy Peterson

608 588 5998

Ben Pettit


Jim Hinickle

608 742 8258

Bob Corning

608 617 8388

Jim Kostinek

608 617 7084

Presidents Message         

Shane Marquardt

 I am happy to report that membership numbers have continued to increase which means added activity at the club. While operating costs, taxes, and clay target costs have continued to rise, we have chosen not to raise dues this year. We will be implementing a few improvements in the beginning of 2019 to better accommodate our members. 


We have organized committees to spread out the workload. If you have a particular area of interest or you can provide a specific skill, please contact a board member and we can get you started. Security cameras have been installed with more coming soon. There will soon be a locking gate to allow current members more secure access to the facilities.

While there has always been a work requirement attached with each membership, it has not been enforced in the past. We will begin tracking work hours at the club beginning January 01, 2019. The reality of it is, we need more help to operate the gun club and provide the best facility we can for you, our members.

These small changes are designed with our membership in mind and we ask that everyone helps contribute to the club. There are so many ways to help at the club: building projects, helping at a shoot, joining a committee, grounds maintenance, kitchen and bar duties, range clean up, club rentals, computer work, event planning, advertising, range officer duties, and site-in days on the range. There are numerous work opportunities available at the club, contact your board of directors to learn how you can get involved.


It is our hope that these improvements will help to preserve the club that both current and past members have worked so hard to build up.


Happy Shooting and Hunting to all of you.

Shane Marquardt

Fall Gun Show - October 20/21, 2018!

Work hours policy

Board of directors

Fellow Members,

In order for the gun club to remain a successful and fun place to enjoy our shooting sports, we must work together as a team. Membership participation, support, and feedback are vital to the success of the gun club. Many of the events we hold at the gun club require five to six people working each event to be successful. As you are aware the gun club requires each member to work a minimum of four hours per year. In an effort to be fair and equitable to all of our club members, the Board of Directors has decided to begin tracking hours worked for each member.

The program details are listed below:

The work hours program will begin on 01/01/2019.  Each work year runs from January 1st through December 31st of a given membership year. The club has determined that work hours are valued at $12.50 per hour. Each member is required to work a minimum of four (4) hours, any hours not completed during the work year or before renewal will be included in your next renewal fee. Hours will be tracked on the back of your membership card and in a log book.

Members are not required to work all four hours at one time, they may separate their work hours in one-hour increments. Each work hour is valued at $12.50, members may choose to work all or none of their hours. Each member is required to produce their previous years membership card at renewal to validate the number of hours worked and pay out any remaining work hours if required.


John Doe provides the club with three work hours during the 2019 membership year, his 2020 renewal will be $62.50. To remain a member in good standing, John must pay the club $50 + $12.50 for the one required work hour he did not work.

Dave Triphammer provides the club with four work hours during the 2019 membership year, his 2020 renewal will be $50.00

Henry Rimfire doesn’t work any hours during the 2019 membership year, his 2020 renewal will be $100.00. To remain a member in good standing, John must pay the club $50 + $50 for the four required work hours he did not work.

On Point…

Woody Steinhoff (Editorial)

The following is my opinion and not necessarily the opinion of the gun club.

Fellow members, I am excited to embark on my next hunting adventure; training a small munsterlander puppy. I purchased my puppy from Brushdale Kennels in Iowa and pick her up on October 13, 2018.

I’ve picked up and read several books on training: “How To Help Gun Dogs Train Themselves” and “How to Have The Best Trained Gun Dog” both written by Joan Bailey and available on Amazon. I’ve also joined NAVHDA, which is a national organization for versatile hunting dogs and have learned quite a bit from that organization.

I’ve been out of upland bird hunting for quite some time and I look forward to sharing my training and hunting the adventures with the all of you. If any of you have information you would like to share, please feel free to contact me and I can add it into this newsletter.


Woody Steinhoff

Summer trap leagues have concluded below are the results:

Class A Winner: Weyh Welding (Bruce Weyh, Dan Denzer, Scott Gudgeon, Jim Brancel, Woody Steinhoff)

Class B Winner: Rileys (Bob Thompson, Brandon Arenz, Ken Moninski, Jon Kowald, Bryan Luce)

Class C Winner: Has Beens (Larry Lietz, John Stokley, Shane Marquardt, Troy Batz, Lori Bandt)

League High Gun: Jason Stenberg with a 24.4 average and 97.75% of targets hit.

The summer trap league trophy banquet was a success, we had approximately 20 members show up to the potluck dinner. Free beer and drinks were available for league members, we had a 50/50 raffle where two winners walked away with more cash than they showed up with!

The club is participating in the Quad County shoots throughout the winter, please support the club and this fun shoot. The club will again participate in ATA shoots in 2019, keep an eye on our calendar and the newsletter for more details!

Quad County Shoot October 28, 2018!

Portage High School Claybusters

Bill voigt

Portage High School Clay Busters sent 25 shooters to the state tournament. We finished a ways down in the standings as a couple of our shooters struggled. Most everyone shot their average or above. We had a girl break 30 targets over her average. We then took a team of youths to Mason, Michigan for Nationals. Again, our team struggled a little. We did have one individual make the championship round as he broke a PR on Saturday in the prelims. Sunday in the championship round he again broke a PR 95 on Sat. and 96 on Sun. Gaje Tessmer finished at 195 out of 1273 shooters. All said and done we had a great season.

We will start the fall season the third week in September. On another note, by the time you read this we will have had a shooting safety and learn to shoot skeet program for 12 girl scouts. Another youth program for our club. I can't tell you how much fun all of this is.

Pistol & Rifle range

Shane Marquardt

Hollow Point Defensive Shooters hosted the 4th annual Andy Garwell IDPA Memorial Match on August 18th, 2018. Between the shooters, spectators, lunch, raffle prize table, and the gun raffle we were able to raise the bar even higher than previous years. In one day, we raised and donated $2,160.00 for an organization called "Active Heroes" donated in Andy's name. Learn more about Active Heroes here https://activeheroes.org/ . Andy's family once again attended to show their support which is very much appreciated. Thanks to all who contributed with this event and for the money raised for a great cause.


We have provided some much-needed target stands on both the pistol and the rifle ranges.  We are continuing to improve the facilities for our members. We are always interested in feedback and help with projects.  Please contact a board member or just stop out to see how you can be of help.


The Summer Gun Raffle ticket winners will be drawn during the fall gun show on October 21st at 1 pm. There are only a few tickets left, as we have limited the tickets sold to increase your odds of winning.  Stop out at the club during the gun show to support the club. As always, there are deals to be found there.  Stop out and pick up a new toy or two.

Just a Reminder; that only members in good standing are eligible to hut on club property

General Club information

Woody Steinhoff

Important Dates

Woody Steinhoff

Listed below are some important dates the second and third quarters of 2018:



Membership Application


By accepting this membership,

I agree to abide by all rules of the club.


Name: ____________________________________________

               Last                                   First                            M.I.

Address: __________________________________________

City: _________________State: __________  Zip: _________

Date Sold: _______________    Sold By: _________________

Email Address: _____________________________________

Activities you’re interested in participating in:

___Rifle Range

___Trap Shooting

___Sporting Clays

___Pistol Range

___Skeet Shooting

___Archery Range

Volunteer Help is Deeply Appreciated