Joining Wheatley Park from Primary School

We understand that moving from Primary to Secondary school can be a daunting prospect.  At Wheatley Park we want to take away some of the worries and make the transition as easy as possible both for parents and students.

To help us to do this we have developed a set of transition events  which will give you time to get used to us and answer all of those nagging doubts and queries.

September 2018 

Parents can start to apply.

By 31st October 2018

Parents/carers complete and return choices form to the Local Authority.  This can be done online.

1 March 2019

National Allocation Day: letters (sent by second class post) and emails sent detailing the offer of a school place.

Mid March 2019

You will receive a letter of welcome from the headteacher Mr Tim Martin.

April -May 2019

If your child has SEND (see SEND information page)  they will be invited for a range of additional ‘moving up’ events to help them to settle into Wheatley Park.

April - May 2018  

If your child is coming to Wheatley Park with less than 4 other students from their current school they will be invited to a range of ‘moving up in small numbers ’ events to help them to settle into Wheatley Park

Between April  - June 2019

Your child will be visited at their primary school by Miss Stacey Kendell, Assistant Headteacher

26th and 27th June -  2019

New Year 7 students will come to a home/ school meeting at Wheatley Park with their parent/ carer. This meeting is vital for establishing the close home/ school links that will support students through their secondary education. It will give us a chance to get to know each student as an individual and hear more of their achievements. We will write to each family with the details of the meeting.

2nd July 2019 - Top Link Primary Sports Festival

Our PE organised Sports festival for students from Wheatley Park feeder primary schools.

4th and 5th July - Transition Days

New Year 7 students spend two days in school.  Arrive in school before 8:30am. School ends at 3:00pm.  Students to wear their primary school uniform.

September 2019 Start of Term 1

Only new Year 7 and Year 10 students will be in school on the first day to help them settle into their new school.Applying for a school place can leave you confused and raise many questions.  The Oxfordshire County Council (OCC)  website will help you with everything from advice on choosing a school, help with the Online Application Process through to available transport routes serving the school.