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“Work Based Learning: On the Job Experience” video

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A fair-skinned woman with short, light brown hair signs ASL.


Students 18 to 21 years of age work there and earn money from vocational rehabilitation. They're paid for work experience and they have different kind of stations. They're within the food truck. They have a soup station, the sandwich station, prep station. And then outside the bus there's a table. And that's the person who, you know, front faces and interacts with the customers.

Every week, the bus is opened right there on the property of the School for the Deaf every Thursday. Also, people from our community have been wonderful and some people from outside the school will come to the bus to order sandwiches and soup. So every week the students alternate whatever station they're working at. That way they can experience each of those stations and each of those different job skills.

It's been really cool and it's been a great opportunity for students to learn interaction with hearing consumers, learn how to exchange money, and again, those hard and soft skills.

Video Description:

Text: Work Based Learning: On the Job Experience

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