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Helping individuals, communities and the public at large achieve wellness in all aspects.

Prepared By:

  1. Imran Ali Namazi

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Document History


Welcome Friends,

YieldMore.org, which previously developed an online “useful and inspiring content” repository and an outline for integrated community centres for holistic individual and social development is now trying to integrate the 2 with a “Public Interest Network” that displays Ads in physical as well as online spaces.

We plan to win Adspace by either exchanging technology and favours / offering discounts from within the “conscious marketplace”. By marketplace, we mean advertisers whose product / service is of immediate and practical use at improving a beneficiary’s “quality of life” or that of society or the environment.

We hope to unveil an explainer video to the general public by Christmas and have some sample Ads at yieldmore.org.

While there are certainly benefits to the general public, there is also a motive that the Advertisers will get increased revenue, of which a commission may be paid into the network for facilitating all of this, and to Imran of Cselian Tech and his friends to whom he seeks support.

For example

Both sides of these types of transactions will go into the Emotional Favour Bank.

Glossary of Concepts

Concepts the video should cover

1 Conscious Marketplace

(Programs, Services and Products)

Conscious Businesses” as defined at Wikipedia “push for a "values-based" approach where values represent social and environmental concerns both locally and globally. This effort is related to not-just-for-profit business models, conscious consumerism”.

So, our marketplace will promote the works of people and companies which “care” for you, society and nature.

2 Movements & Ideas

The work of NGOs (Charities), Philanthropists and Volunteers are organized into movements and go by our “collaborate not compete” mantra. Ideas for self and group improvement will also feature here.

3 Converse

(Online Conversation Starter, Forum and Favour Bank)

A feature on websites of NGOs and Influencers where conversations can be easily initiated and tracked by quickly making selections (building sentences) that can be posted onto social media.

4 Goodwill Ads

(from businesses)

A new kind of promo video from businesses will be requested where companies will try and outdo each other in terms of commitment to employees and society. With this, we will become an online directory of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) activities indexed by the movements they are a part of.

5 Emotional Favour Bank

(sparking token gestures (articles of faith) and Pay-it-forward paradigm shifts)

6 Information Bureau

Science of Prescription

7 Public Interest Network

8 Joyland

Community Centres


Inspiration - Words and Themes

Change (tip the scales)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6LbPLzJCxw (Remember the Titans)

Promote (well intentioned ideas)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCA_XaSXn_M (Keep Talking - Hawking)

Build (a brighter Future)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BTMEUDPYq4 (It’s all Right Here)

Quality (of Life)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MucasL7aA0k (Short and Sweet)

Contact / Inner Realms

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzTHC6JSUvM (Carl Sagan - Cosmos)

Faith / Evolve

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMahuD6Ku1A (Closer to Believing)

Cry Freedom

Its the time for liberation, so pass the word around! (Pink Floyd)

The Script


Volunteer for a cause towards sharing knowledge, teaching children or skilling the workforce. Are you already a special educator / life coach? You could help us with relevant, insightful articles and steer conversations as we collaborate and grow our "Information Bureau", adding Sunlight and Sunshine into people's lives.

Learn of the subtler laws that manifest in better health of body, mind and soul as you discover programs for yourself, or try the alternative healing practices that abound. Join our school for positive thinking where Healers help the community fine Serenity and Inner-Peace.

Heal the world as the thousands of loving movements do in the grand Symphony of Evolution. These are not-for-profits and forward thinking businesses changing slowly and patiently the very fabric of society. Enliven and enjoin a social cause as do these many #MovementsInUnison.

That sums up our 3 channels Learn Heal and Share. The full progression includes Express Love Build and finally YieldMore.

Begun in 2013 as a hobbyist blog by Imran, today YieldMore.org is on the threshold of the world, just where it was meant to be.

Conversations and their Starters

We believe in a collaborative approach and conversations sparked by in-depth interviews.

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