Eagle Distilleries company

Company URL: (www.): www.jr.jo

Job Title:: Sommelier/Master Sommelier

Contract Type:: Full time

Job Location (Country):: Jordan

County:: Amman

City/Town/Village:: Amman


Description:: Growing more than 40 varieties is an art, passion and hard work. We use the best grapes, grown under ideal circumstances, and utilizing the methods of classic wine making, to produce exceptional wines. “Jordan’s wines are a hidden treasure . . . waiting to be discovered” as our Agronomist and Wine Maker Narsi Haddad keeps saying. With the many challenges we are facing today from growing vines in the Basalt Desert to controlling temperature and humidity of the 1st desert winery and cellar comes the JR wines which really makes it boutique. We really care about what’s inside every single bottle and this is what makes seeking out and tasting JR wines thoroughly rewarding.

Today we have more than 70 international awards and received high praise from Masters of Wine and wine experts around the world.  JR has won several gold medals and was best in show in different competitions.  Our Wines can be found in city du vin in Bordeaux and it is on it’s way to USA , Australia and Europe.

Here is the JR Wines brochure in English that has more details about JR Wines and the Price List for JR Wines of Jordan

Our company is The Eagle Distilleries Co. founded by Mudieb M. Haddad in 1953, when he built several copper pot distilleries producing small batches of Arak and Brandy, which are still being used till today. In the 1960’s the company took a major leap in the alcohol manufacturing industry by increasing its capacity through fermenting and distilling alcohol using a column distillery. Growing rapidly the Eagle Distilleries started to produce many products under licenses from major brands in the UK, Scotland and France. In 1975 the Eagle Distilleries winery and cellar were established to produce the finest and most unique wines. Today we produce arak, brandy, gin, vodka, whisky, liqueur, rum and wine. The Eagle Distilleries is a market leader in manufacturing spirits and wine making in Jordan with a footprint ranging from Australia to the USA.

We are currently looking for a Sommelier or a Master Sommelier  and an expert in viticulture to join our team

Please get in touch if you are ready for a great journey to discover new Terroir.

Visit www.jr.jo to know more

Sommeliers in the operation team:: 1 Sommelier

Work permit:: - Help to obtain work visa

Accommodation:: - Help to find accommodation

Languages required:: English

Wine list:: - more than 150 bins

Please Specify:: firas.haddad@eagledis.com

Name:: Firas Haddad

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