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Introduction to XYZmaker

These instructions will give you a brief introduction to the software you will be using today. Right now, your group will create a simple open top box for practice. The box must be 50mm long, 60mm wide, and 30 mm tall. The edges should be 2mm thick.

Getting Started:

  1. Open up the XYZmaker app on your laptop.


  1. Drag a box onto the work plane. Note that by holding down the right mouse button and dragging, you can change the view you have of your work plane.
  2. Scale the box so that it meets the measurements listed above. This can be done by dragging the circles on the corners of the shape, or by typing in the dimensions in the popup box. When you are finished, right click on the object and press “center.” Be sure to press the “land” button after you have finished scaling an object so it rests on the work plane.

  1. To turn your solid box into a hollow one, drag another box onto the work plane. You will turn this box into the hole of your final object. Think: If we want our object to have edges that are 2 mm thick, what should the size of the hole be?
  2. The hole should be 4 mm smaller in width and length. The height of the hole must only be greater than or equal to the height of the solid. However, to make the bottom of the solid 2mm thick, you must move the hole up the z-axis 2 mm. Do this by clicking the “land” button on the top ribbon. Then, add 2 mm to the number in the popup box that represents the z-axis position.
  3. Right click on your new box and press “center.” This will correctly place this box with your first one.

  1. Now, select the smaller box and click the “hole” button on the top ribbon.


  1. Check all the perspectives using your right mouse button to ensure your design is correct.
  2. Test the other buttons in the top ribbon. Note the ones that can clone, mirror, and group objects. These may be useful! Also note the other types of shapes and text you can add to your object. While you can also change the colors of the shapes as you are designing, note that this will not change the color of your final printed object.
  3. Check the units you are using by clicking the orange grid button.


  1. Once you have finished these steps, you are ready to start designing your puzzle piece.

Your Breakout Task

  1. Work out the dimensions of your puzzle piece.
  2. Figure out a strategy for how to build your puzzle piece.  It should be only 2 mm thick!
  3. Design your puzzle piece. Be sure to insert your number within your puzzle piece
  4. Before printing:
  1. Review your dimensions by clicking the orange grid button.
  2. Glue stick the base on the printer.
  1. Print by clicking File, Print.  DO NOT TOUCH THE NOZZLE!
  2. If you have time, feel free to print some other shapes to take home with you!

The puzzle is 10 cm by 10 cm.