BUTTERFLIES (rev 12/19)

for Kaia Marbin and Lillian Ellis

Butterflies flutter by

In the air above,

Streaming clouds of beauty that

They know nothing of.

Free to seek their destiny;

Borders don’t halt flights.

Neither can the Powerful

Shackle human rights.


Chances of miracles

May seem very slight Til new ideas bloom; Then our hopes take flight.

Girls and boys, far and wide,

Know how love can heal.

And they know, when love's denied,

How misery can feel.

Children worked to cut and fold

Many hours long,

Helping build a movement bold

We celebrate with song.

Bridge Repeat

Paper wings bear no words;

Their message is so strong.

Loving hearts will find a way

And act to right a wrong. So,

Flutter more butterflies, Everywhere above; Rest our hopes for human rights On the wings of love.

Words and music © 2019 by Julie Gordon Shearer