Promotions Teams


January 11, 2018




        Embedded Design, Promotions, and Controls documents. Updated “Contact Us” page with new interface and linked it to Luca’s email. Updated plugins and reorganized top menu.

Next plans are to update blog, homepage, and pictures.

-J.T., C.A.


Attempting to get the embedded google docs to auto-update and sync with the original file. No success as of 3:20PM.



        The doc is now auto-updating. I didn’t change anything, but it works. Will continue to monitor site.



        We have decided to switch to squarespace hosting as their templates and features are more indicative of a professional site and beneficial to the image of the team. Also the wordpress stopped functioning and is being rolled back to a previous backup.


-J.T., C.A.


10:30 AM

        Squarespace was deemed too expensive and the wordpress site was deemed the site we will be using for the rest of the season.

UPDATE: 12:00 PM

        We are investigating using new themes for the website. The current one feels bland and unimaginative so we want to change it.


        None of the other themes are lending themselves to an engineering site so we are going to end the search for today and continue on Monday with fresh eyes.


12:30 PM

        We have once more started the search for new site themes. Overnight, many of the website team members were given login information and admin privileges for the site.


1:00 PM

          Considering creating a mock google website to compare to the wordpress. If it is better, we can transfer the domain.



        Changed the look of the wordpress site. Used a new theme and changed the color scheme as well as the slideshow pictures.



        Completely revamped the site. Settled on the Vantage theme from Wordpress and added the 2018 FRC game reveal as well as a login quick-access button. New color scheme and new pictures for slideshow.



        Wrote the first blog post on the website for the 2018 FRC season. The post was a simple update and overview of the game. It’s contents were aimed at informing our team members and kicking off the new FRC season.



        Changed the logo that appears on the tab to the R^3 logo we use for everything. Changed the login button to a more typical button that was easier to access and took the user to a new sign in page. Planning on creating a special menu that only appears for admins and allows for greater site access more quickly.



        Starting posting to the twitter account once more. Included posts about our partnership with Viewpoint, progress on the robot, and links to our website for the sake of promotions.



        Updated ‘Contact Us’ form for more flexibility and easier accessibility for the user and the email manager. Made color scheme more appealing.



        Wrote a post on the website detailing new meeting times on Saturdays. Did so to inform the team and address any questions quickly.



        Wrote a post regarding the school’s name change and the status of the Reseda Regents Robotics name. Withholding post until more information is available for inclusion in the post.



        Uploaded post about Reseda High School name change to assure viewers and students that the Reseda Regents Robotics will be keeping its name despite the school’s rebranding.