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Welcome to the SHARKS!

We’re glad to have your family become part of our Swim Fit recreational program.  Joining a new team is exciting as well as challenging. Please read through to understand how the team handles communication about practices, events, and activities.

We have two sides to swimming, a “wet side” and a “dry side” of the sport.  Coaches respond to the “wet side” and administration responds to the “dry side”.  If you have questions about how your child performs at practice, please email your child’s coach.  If you have a question about schedule changes, billing, volunteering, etc. please email our administrator.

Regular Swim Fit Training schedule HERE

Coaches are on deck Monday through Friday from 4:30 pm - 8:30 pm, please respect their evenings and send emails during regular business hours. Text messaging the coaches is not encouraged.


Please read the weekly newsletter and check the monthly outlook for upcoming events for the Swim Fit group. Practice changes will be emailed out and posted to the Remind group.

We use email as the primary means of communication. It is very important that you log into your account and verify the emails attached to your account.

The login email used for sharks-swim-club accounts is the one that will receive financial emails (billing-related); however, you can provide alternate email addresses to receive the newsletter sent each Tuesday afternoon and other communication from the team.

To ensure that our emails are received by you, please add the following email addresses to your contact list. Since our newsletter and other emails include hyperlinks it is possible that they may be marked as spam. and

We use the REMIND for last-minute changes. Please join the Remind group @sharks-sf.  You may choose to add multiple people to the Remind group, for example,  swimmers that drive themselves to practice or a relative that brings/picks up.


Monthly training fees are debited on the first of each month either through a debit/credit card or checking account on file. Payment for autopay should be indicated by “use for fees associated with your account”  A billing preview is sent before the end of the month to allow you to preview current charges.

You can access your current invoice with details through the “my account” portion of the website, select invoices, and payments, and click on the current invoice summary.  

Registration fee: 

Swimmers will have a team registration fee that is accessed when they first register with the team and a USA Swimming Online Member Registration (OMR) Fee.  Our Administrator will send the registration link for the OMR Registration and instructions when your swimmer registers with the team.

                 Team registration fee: $55        

 USA Swimming registration fee:    

 FLEX for 12 & U swimmers  $30      Premium for 13 & Over swimmers $98

The Swim Fit program is for swimmers 5yrs+ who are interested in improving their swim skills and general fitness. The group is divided by age and ability and runs September-May.

Monthly Training Fees:

Monthly dues will be processed on the 1st of the month through our automatic billing system Team Unify.

         White group:$110                         Blue/Black group: $140

Sharks Commitment & Cost schedule

Other Team Fees Explained:

In addition to the Registration and Monthly Training Fees, you may incur the following fees/expenses depending upon your level of swimmer.

Swim Meet fees:

Swimmers in Swim Fit can participate in two different levels of swim meets depending on their group. They must Opt-in in both Developmental and Club swim meets.  To participate in a Club swim meet, a swimmer must be invited.

 Developmental Meets (intrasquad meets for Discovery Pre team, Swim Fit, and Summer Squad)  Developmental meets are $10-20/meet.

2. Club Meets (meets sanctioned by USA Swimming with other teams). Club meets are for swimmers in the Discovery Advance through the Senior Performance group. Meet fees range from $50-100/meet. Meets are about once a month and usually in the Houston metro area. Swim Fit swimmers may be eligible to compete in the local club meets. Your coach will send you a meet invitation if your swimmer is ready.

3.  Special Events These events are to build team spirit and have some fun.  You must Opt-in for special events, cost varies.

Please download and install the On Deck parent app pictured below. This allows you access to your account and upcoming events.

On deck parent app

New families that join in August or April will have a new parent meeting to go over all of this information and any questions you have. Families that join during the season will have a brief meeting with your child’s group coach.

The Swim Fit program is Year-round from September-May,  then swimmers have the option to continue to the Summer Squad June-July.  Swim Fit billing occurs monthly from September- May, then if continuing to Summer Squad there is a one time fee with a discount for continuing.   The Swim Fit group will fulfill the off-campus PE credit requirement at CCISD or FISD.

All Swim Fit swimmers will have a USA Swimming membership and may compete in meets they qualify for. You will be emailed a USA Registration Link from the Administrator with instructions on how to register and which type of membership to choose. There are no fundraising requirements,  attendance expectations, or volunteering requirements, except if your swimmer attends a meet and we need additional volunteers, your family may be required to volunteer.

Canceling Membership:

To cancel a Swim Fit membership, two weeks or more notice must be given using the google form HERE

Sharks Training Equipment

Our equipment can now be ordered through our custom store with Swim Shops of the Southwest through this link:

As a member of Sharks, you will also be added to our SwimOutlet store with a plus membership to receive a team discount. You can order your swimmer’s equipment through this site. SwimOutlet will contact you directly via email with the details of this membership after your swimmer has registered.

Sharks Swim Fit Recreational Group Equipment:

Pictures of Equipment can be seen HERE

Equipment can be purchased through the team’s Swim Outlet online store: HERE

Swim Fit Equipment

If your Swim Fit swimmer is interested in a more competitive program, please contact your swimmer’s coach.  Please continue reading for  more information on all our programs.

TEAM      SKILLS    GRIT       FUN

Program Overview:  The Sharks Swim Club is a year-round competitive swim team. The team is structured with groups that balance a swimmer’s ability, commitment, and age. We try our best to place swimmers where they will learn to challenge the moment each and every day.

We offer classes for all abilities.  We offer non-competitive groups which include Sharks Swim School, Adaptive Aquatics, Summer Squad, and Swim Fit.  We also offer competitive groups beginning at 5 years of age through High School and Masters Program for adults.

Swim School information-HERE 

Seasonal group information-HERE

Competitive Groups HERE 

Masters Program - HERE

The Sharks Swim Club is a multi-tiered program for swimmers 3yrs+. Groups at each
level use age, ability, and commitment levels to determine placement.