Minutes of the WSC Board Meeting

May 27, 2017

Board Members present: Nick Logan, Butch Blanchard, Phillipe Laurent, Bill Purcell, Neill Graham, Ron Medlin and Jonathan Medford

New Members: Motion by Laurent to accept Steven and Robin Machan as new members in the club. Second by Medford. Motion carries unanimously.  

Yeoman Report: Medford presented the minutes from the previous board meeting. Motion by Purcell to approve the minutes. Second by Laurent. Motion passes unanimously.

Purser Report: Logan reported 78 members paid to date with 15 unpaid from last year. There is a balance of $44,784.74 in the account. YTD income is $25,050. YTD expenses is $3,545. 2016 expenses were $21,143.52. Sending a 30-day notice to Channing Glover for $250 payment. Brake mooring application and renewal form to be approved upon Robert Jowels damages are cleared. No action taken.

Email List: Logan to send out to the board a current member list.

Stock Repurchase: Motion by Purcell to authorize the treasurer to repurchase outstanding shares of stock up to equivalence of current and previous years new stock purchase. Second by Blanchard. Motion passes unanimously.

Moorings: 20 moorings. All occupied by ownership or borrowing. Some need to be set. There is now a waiting list.

Backlot Clean Up and Power: Need to continue backlot cleanup and hook up power. Ask Duke what it would cost. $3,700 to get plumbing and $4,000 for plumber. Need electricity first. Goal is for campers to be on the back lot.

Camper Charges: Motion by Purcell to charge $20 for the weekend to utilize a camper at the club.

Close Meeting: Motion by Purcell to close the meeting, second by Logan, motion carries unanimously.

Next Meeting: Planned for June 24, 2017 at 11:00 AM at the Club.

Respectfully submitted,

Jonathan Medford, Yeoman