Gate Attendant- Job Description

Lakeside Beach

South Lake Tahoe, Ca


The purpose of this position is to verify that all patrons visiting the beach have a Lakeside Beach Pass and are given a wristband upon arrival. The Gate Attendant position also makes sure that no prohibited items enter the beach. The season is from May 24th to September 9th. The pay is based on experience which is preferred but not required.

Job Environment:

Work is performed at the beach, and in most seasonal climate conditions. The weather conditions vary in Tahoe, and it may be very hot or very cold. Occasionally the person in this position is subjected to stress of other individuals and the volume and/or rapidity with which tasks must be accomplished. Requires continuous concentration and composure during emergencies and/or high-volume periods. Seasonal activity requires 4th of July scheduling and availability.

Requires operation of an iPad POS system, and a cash drawer as well as a two-way radio to communicate with other beach personnel.

Makes frequent contact with the general public and displays a positive upbeat attitude.


Supervision Received: Lead Gate Attendant, Beach Manager, Operations Manager

Supervision Given: none

 Essential Functions

[The general duties and essential functions listed below are intended only as illustrations of the various types of work that may be performed. The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related or a logical assignment to the position]

  1. Greet guests entering the beach with a cheerful manner, check their beach pass, and keep a log on the POS system of people who are entering the beach. If they are purchasing a beach pass ring it into the POS system, and give proper change and/or receipt if wanted.

  1. Put wristband on the guest with a valid beach pass, and check coolers upon entry to ensure no prohibited items enter the beach.

  1. Participates in staff orientation, pre-season training, and in-service training. Has a clear understanding of his/her role in an emergency and is fully aware of the emergency action plan.

  1. Wears uniform (khaki pants/shorts, Lakeside Beach Jacket, and assigned LPA Nametag) when on the clock.

  1. Assures that front gate area is cleaned upon arrival, during slow times and prior to leaving. (i.e. sweeping the entrance, and foot wash area)

  1. Enforces all rules and regulations established by Lakeside Park Association.

  1. Refers all complaints to the Beach Manager or the Operations Manager. Maintain good public relations.

  1. Reports all incidents immediately to the Beach Manager, Lead Attendant, or Operations Manager and fill out any required paperwork for the incident.

  1. Does not allow solicitation of any kind in the parking lot or beach area unless approved by Lakeside Park Association.

  1. Performs similar or related work as required or as the situation dictates.


Education, Training and Experience:

Experience in customer service is preferred but not required.

Knowledge, Skills, and abilities:

Knowledge: Knowledge of Lake Tahoe is a plus as many tourists visit Lakeside Beach

Skill: Time Management, Customer Service, Dependability, Flexibility, Friendliness, Attention to Detail, Positive Attitude, Punctuality

Ability: ability to effectively and tactfully communicate with others; ability to develop and maintain professional relationships with others. Must be able to calmly and reasonably assess complex situations under pressure and and to deal with caustic people in an appropriate manner; must be able to resist being drawn into confrontational situations, and able to exercise authority in a prudent and impartial manner, dependable under pressure.

Physical Requirements: Minimal physical effort generally required. Frequently required to spend several hours standing and sitting in various weather conditions. Physical Mobility required such as bending, reaching, pulling, and lifting objects which weigh less than 50 lbs or less.