Extreme Networks Innovation Theater

Wednesday February 13th


IH58: Extending Patient Care through Voice Tech & AI

Scaling reach and effectiveness of care management resources is a critical challenge for leading healthcare organizations. Learn how advances in Voice technology/UI and AI/Advanced Analytics can increase patient engagement and expand reach.

Shara Cohen, JD

VP, Customer Experience for Clinical Effectiveness, Wolters Kluwer

Sponsored by:  Wolters Kluwer


IH59: The Real Time Health System

The daunting challenges facing healthcare today range from managing costs and improving outcomes, to delivering the best possible patient and clinician experience, while maintaining tight medical and cyber security. This session will describe how the network can address the Quadruple Aim of healthcare, as well as meet the new HIMSS Analytics Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM).

David McClain

Principal Systems Architect, Extreme Networks

Sponsored by: Extreme Networks


IH60: The Future of Medical Device Integration Across the Continuum of Care

Presenter Wesley Madden BSN, RN will highlight NantHealth’s Connected Care solutions today, what the future holds for products in this category, and how this technology will continue to evolve resulting in dramatically improved care delivery, clinician satisfaction, cost reduction.

Wes Madden, BSN,  RN

VP, Connected Care, NantHealth

Sponsored by: NantHealth


IH62: Lessons Learned from Recent Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks and ransomware, such as 2017’s WannaCry received global attention and yet attacks continue. Any device connected on the network could be vulnerable. This session dives into medical IoT, network analytics, real time locationing, secure BYOD access and control. Realworld experiences, lessons learned, and best practices for securing and supporting connected medical devices on hospital networks will be discussed.

Chuck Brooks

Healthcare Solution Architect, Extreme Networks, Inc.

Sponsored by: Extreme Networks


IH63: AI in Healthcare: Going Beyond Escape Velocity

Keynote: In the world of failing attention spans and rising opportunity costs, it seems like the hype cycle of “artificial intelligence” is seemingly at an all-time high. In physics, escape velocity, is the minimum speed needed for any object to escape from the gravitational influence of a massive body. In other words, escape velocity is the speed that an object needs to be traveling to break free from the gravitational pull of a planet or a moon and leave it without further propulsion. We’ve seen this phenomenon in those spectacular space shuttle launches. And we may be about to witness this first hand, in the brave new world where artificial intelligence will soon be a natural phenomenon. This keynote aims to separate rhetoric from reason, and outline key elements of getting AI in healthcare right.

Rasu Shrestha, MD MBA

Chief Strategy Officer and Executive Vice President, Atrium Health

Sponsored by: Intelligent Health Association


IH64: Predictive Analytics

Integration of Predictive Analytics into clinical workflows to support both acute care and population health management

Howard Landa, MD

VP Clinical Informatics, Sutter Health

Sponsored by: Intelligent Health Association


IH65: Savings Seconds in Critical Moments – Advancing A.I. for Acute Care

A panel of industry experts discuss the transformative potential emerging technologies, A.I. and analytics represent for caregivers in hospital acute care settings to inform and accelerate decision making when every second counts.

Moderator: Paul Mullen, GM, Acute Care, GE Healthcare

Panelists: Karley Yoder, GE Director of Product Management, Artificial Intelligence

Ujjwal Ratan, Principal AI/Machine Learning Solutions Architect for Healthcare & Life Sciences, AWS

Prashant Shah, Director of Engineering for Health and Life Sciences, Artificial Intelligence Products , INTEL

 Sponsored by: GE Healthcare


IH67: GE Artificial Intelligence for Clinical Care: Powered by Edison

The future is now for artificial intelligence in clinical care settings: how today’s patients and clinicians benefit from emerging A.I. technology.

Travis Frosch

Senior Director, Analytics Platform and Product Management, GE Healthcare

Sponsored by: GE Healthcare


IH69: AI in Health Speed-Dating: Making Digital Transformation Real

As the AI in Health market moves from aspiration to execution, this fast-paced session will highlight real-world examples of AI in provider and payer organizations driving measurable transformation in chronic disease management, operational effectiveness and consumer engagement. Facilitated by Tom Lawry, Director of Worldwide Health at Microsoft, three speakers from KenSci, JVION and Health Navigator who will showcase AI use cases from the United States, UK, Europe and Asia.

Moderator:  Tom Lawry, Director of Worldwide Health, Microsoft

Panelists: Dr. John Showalter, Chief Product Officer, JVION

Sunny Neogi, Chief Growth Officer, KenSci

Jeffrey Schwartz, MD, President of Health Navigator, Inc.

Sponsored by: Microsoft


IH70: Building AI that Matters for Patients

Hype around AI in healthcare is high. But for artificial intelligence to have an impact at the patient level, technologists need to be thoughtful how algorithms can be deployed to drive more efficient care pathways.

Benjamin Clark

President & COO, IDx Technologies

Sponsored by: IDx Technologies