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Comprehensive Needs Assessment - Executive Summary

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Instructional Overview

Provide descriptive information related to the curriculum, instructional programs, and/or existing interventions to support the academic, behavioral, and/or social emotional needs for all students.

Lincoln Elementary staff works with the Lincoln students in a variety of small groups during Reading and Math instruction.  We have implemented the Pathways and Reading Workshop programs.  Each classroom participates with another classroom each week for a reading buddies program.  Many teachers use the Number Talks and Math Workshop programs.   Our school theme this year for PBIS will focus on responsibility.  We expect Lincoln students to be responsible for their learning and behavior.


For PBIS, we will continue with our student of the month program and our weekly Caught Being Good recognition program.   Lincoln Elementary students in third, fourth, and fifth grades received the laptop devices and we will use the devices for learning throughout each week.

Extended Learning Opportunities

Provide information to describe extended learning opportunities for students, staff, families and community.

There are many extended learning opportunities for students, staff, and families.  For students, Lincoln offers several after school clubs each year.  Some of these clubs include a Running Club, Chess Club, Tennis Club, and Robotics.   For staff members, we will continue to have staff members participate in Google Suite training.  Additional staff members plan to attend the Orton-Gillingham training.  Staff members have participated in workshops for Mandt training and student social skills training.  For families, there are opportunities for families to participate in local Maker Space workshops in Purcellville and Leesburg.  Families are also encouraged to participate in our evening events at Lincoln including a Math Night with Mathnasium.  We will also have a Science Fair, Robotics Night, and other family events throughout the year.  This year, we have also started a partnership with Tree of Life in Purcellville and students, families, and staff prepared and served dinner last week.  We plan to serve dinner at Tree of Life at least two more times this year.

Areas of Strength

Summary statements for domains providing evidence of analysis of trend data over a 3-year period and data triangulation to confirm areas of strength. Provide a clear connection between outcomes and contributing factors.

One of our strengths is that our students continue to make excellent academic progress.  Our three-year average reading pass rate on the SOL is 94.42.  Our three-year average pass rate on the Math SOL is 92.94.   Lincoln Elementary had 100 percent of students pass the Virginia Studies SOL.  We have a 96.77 percent average of students who passed the Science SOL during the past three years.   Lincoln Elementary was recognized as a Board of Excellence school by the Virginia Department of Education.


Some of our strengths also include that Lincoln students are kind to each other.  From the student surveys for 2017-2018, this result was at 91% last year compared to the county average of 74%.  From the student survey in 2016-2017, 92% of students responded that they care about each other.  


For the statement, “Bullying is a problem at my school,” 86% of students disagreed with this statement compared to the LCPS average of 67% on the 2017-2018 student survey.

Areas for Growth

Summary statements for domains providing evidence of analysis of trend data over a 3-year period and data triangulation to confirm areas of concern. Provide a clear connection between outcomes and contributing factors.

One area for growth will be for the principal to include more staff members in decisions that impact teachers.  Last year, this percentage was 56% on the staff survey.  On the survey, 50% of staff responded that the principal included teachers in making decisions.  On the 2016-2017 survey, this area was at 29%.


To address the growth area above, all staff members were invited to work on the master schedule and several classroom teachers and specialists participated in creating the master schedule.  The teachers and staff have created and implemented an incentive program for recognizing responsible behavior at lunch.  The teachers are working with students to create a PBL Health Fair for students and families in October.


Another area of growth for Lincoln is our unexcused tardies.  Last year, we had 682 unexcused tardies for the year.   Our goal will be to reduce these tardies by at least half, to 340 tardies or less.   For the 2018-2019 school year, we are on track to reduce this number by half based on our unexcused tardies during the first month of school.  We have had several days without any tardies during the first month.