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The Awakening

An Awake Market Network represents the self-generative protocol of the free market, and it spreads on the Internet using economic incentives. The underlying technology perfectly tracks value attribution across all users of the Internet, across all platforms of the Internet, in real-time.

Awake turns anyone anywhere into an affiliate who gets paid for influence that leads up to a sale. Awake Market Networks can settle multi-party real-world transactions in t-zero time.

These properties fundamentally alter the cost dynamics of launching and scaling a business, now that anyone can be powered with a global digital marketing and digital sales force that gets paid with real-time commissions.

The trouble with marketing they say is that it only works half the time, and that one does not know which half. The story is far worse at 1% on average when told by e-commerce conversion rates. Despite how incredibly expensive it is to market B2C products and services with Facebook and Google ads, overall conversion rates remain abysmal. And so far the reason for this status quo is simply TINA: there is no alternative.

Costs aside, is there even the possibility of a more consistent way to drive sales?

There is now. Awake Market Networks are able to identify the exact path of influence across the Internet that led to any specific sale.

This makes it possible to only pay for actual sales and specific influence, rather than ineffective marketing across various Internet platforms. This fundamentally alters the P&L of the business, immediately, as well as when it scales globally, turning it into a perpetual motion network, once it gets going.

Awake is monetizing this fundamental unwinding of platform arbitrage through an ecosystem of interconnected platforms, each an Awake Market Network.

Awake is able to turn early stage investing into an AI-powered fintech-driven process of 0 to 1.


The Internet is increasingly moving too fast for most traditional businesses to cope. Moreover, fundamental disruption is happening across all verticals. Entire industries are being upended by technology startups. Notable examples such as Uber, AirBnB, and DoorDash are just the beginning.

Every industry across the world is falling, one by one by one.

Awake is helping create platforms for the future.

Through joint ventures, partnerships, and new companies, we’re helping to restore the balance between old-world capitalism, and the new and younger form of shared value co-created. Using AI and fintech, applying it to media and markets, we’re reshaping the future of all aspects of work, life, and play.

As a technology-enabled private equity firm, Awake intends to co-create 1M technology companies, and create 100M new jobs, over the next 10 years.

Awake is a Berkshire Hathaway 2.0 strategy, powered by a YCombinator 2.0 execution.

In the process of doing this, Awake has created several foundational technology platforms for the future of markets, media, AI, and fintech, all servicing Disruption-as-a-Service.


Launching a technology startup today, in the verticals we’re focused on as described above, should be a simple process.

Instead, each founding team must start from scratch in their race to find product-market fit.

There is no standardized process, or more importantly, a technology cloud to accelerate this very large class of startups.


A rapid disruption process that is repeatable and that gets smarter and faster as it learns.

Disrupt by Awake

Depending on the specifics, Awake can launch a reasonable MVP for a Newco in 1-3 months for a few thousand dollars. This represents a cost breakdown that typically looks as follows:

Awake Network - Technology Buildout (UX not included)

$29,999 initial launch with standard customizations, servers etc

$49/hour professional services and custom design / product

Optional - Awake Experience as a Service ( UX)

$24,999 and upwards for Awake UX Skin with perpetual royalty free license ( alternatively priced at 3% fee per transaction)

Optional Managed Service:

$9,999/month managed technology / product operations - standard package

$49/hour for additional custom product / design / engineering

Awake Network - Marketing Operations

$10K to $50K (paid media budget for launch)

$149/hour for managed services

Optional Managed Service:

$2,999/month managed marketing operations - standard package

$49/hour for additional custom product / design / engineering

3rd-Party Vendor APIs and Awake Platforms

As priced by vendors and platforms (eg. Amazon Web Services, Stripe, Visa, Mastercard, Awake Money, Awake Market, Shopify, WordPress, and others)

Operating Team

A critical component in evaluating if NewCo is a good fit for AwakeDisrupt - the operators of the market network are going to be the linchpins in the success of the endeavor.

Marketing Budget

A critical component in evaluating if NewCo is a good fit for AwakeDisrupt - an initial liquidity injection is needed to kick start any market network.

Pre-Seed and Seed Capital

The final component in evaluating Newco - what is the plan for follow on capital, and driving the business beyond initial launch.


In other words, pre-seed capital should cover AwakeDisrupt Build-and-Launch, usually a total budget of about $100K to $500K, usually raised via friends, family, and angels.

The technology layer will be powered by AwakeOS aka Awake protocols and 3rd-party services.

AwakeDisrupt GTM

The Newco is launched quickly as a media company. The state-of-the-art Quintype cloud is recommended, founded and designed by Amit (2014-present).

The newco integrates Shoptype as the ComFac, modern fintech/AI cloud that turns Newco into an Awake Market Network. It also automatically gets integration. The treasury and payments layer is Awake Money.

Newco brings on products and services brands and sellers - in order to populate the catalog of available products and service offerings.

An initial marketing budget, an order of magnitude lower than what is needed today to create B2C brands, is deployed to recruiting content creators - industry experts, media companies, influencers, paid content, paid curators and creators, and others - to power digital marketing and community building.

Newco will use upcoming platform Influenze to manage the massively online autonomous marketing and sales force.

Once the market network is kick-started using initial liquidity injection, Phase I is complete, and NewCo is ready to raise follow on seed capital.

The CapFac for capital formation and acceleration is AwakeX.

Business Model

AwakeDisrupt is a co-creation platform.

Awake Partners

AwakeDisrupt is brought to the world by Awake, and as such Awake Partners gets involved with idea to pre-series-A companies depending on varying aspects of mutual fit.

Typically, Awake Partners takes warrants in these companies ranging from 11% to 22% - this is a “Copilot-as-a-Service” model, and the process of active engagement and oversight and lasts between 6 months to 18 months.

We use a standard warrants agreement for this, we call it the Awake SAFER Agreement - it grants a 10 year window to purchase shares in Newco at preferred pricing.


All normal operating costs of the business is borne out of the funding raised by Newco, which can now be spent in super-efficient ways, primarily to kick-start the market network economy.

Engineering Partners

Awake works with a community of product development labs around the world that can be engaged to build on the broad Awake ecosystem of APIs.

Media Agency Partners

Awake works with a community of media agencies around the world that can be engaged to help with go-to-market and ongoing marketing campaigns, now using the Shoptype, Influenze, and other best of breed tools and solutions.


Global startup markets - starting with Silicon Valley, India, and EU.


Incubated 100+ companies within Awake before end of 2021, including Shoptype, launches planned in Q2 and Q3. Also working with “cohort zero” of developer-driven newcos.

Expected traction 1000+ market networks by end of 2022.


Awake extended ecosystem, each deal is structured directly with Newco.

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