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1.        Purpose

The Governor Mifflin aquatics program was established to provide a wide range of aquatic experiences for all residents of the Governor Mifflin School District.

2.        Guidelines

The program's three (3) major components include the regular school day instructional program (GMSD only); the after school hours instructional, intramural, recreational, and interscholastic programs; and the community program.

Its general objectives are:

  1. To teach as many students as possible to be water safe.

  1. To instill in each person an appreciation of the value and pleasure to be gained from participation in aquatic activities.

  1. To develop sufficient skills in each student for maximum enjoyment and reasonable safety around water.

  1. To develop an appreciation of the importance of safety rules and procedures in and around water.

  1. To develop and implement competitive swimming and diving programs.

  1. To develop and implement swimming and water safety programs for adults based upon their needs.

  1. To develop and implement a full range of recreational and intramural programs.

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