I am currently Head of Performing Arts at Ormiston Denes Academy in the heart of Lowestoft. My specialism is Drama, although I don't mind throwing myself into a bit of singing and dancing within our musical theatre programme. My background is in the entertainment industry: singing, dancing, acting, comedy and all the hosting in between. Alongside my roles in the theatre I trained as a Youth Development Worker and utilised The Arts to engage with and develop young people. This was a very rewarding area of my work, which ultimately led to the big step of teaching. Supporting and facilitating young people to develop their talents and discover new abilities is a fantastic way to spend your life.

I am currently developing a programme of creative and performing arts that will bond, develop and celebrate our local community. I am working with Primary schools, local support groups and agencies and other like minded professionals to create works of art that support, engage and promote our young people.