One of the most frequently asked questions is: “What are the admission standards for Bethany Christian School?” The following guidelines have been established for admission to BCS:

  1. Bethany Christian School is a discipleship ministry of Bethany Church. As such, we exist to assist Christian families in the education of their children in accordance with biblical principles. Our purpose is to serve families who desire a distinctively Christian education for their children, not just a private school education. Therefore, it is important that families are in agreement with our belief that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and that it is the authoritative and final standard for belief and conduct including the definition of marriage and all forms of sexual activity outside of marriage.

Before applying for admission, we ask that you read our Student Handbook to determine if you are in agreement and will be able to support our statement of faith, our policies, our procedures, and our expectation for both parents and students. For any student to be considered for enrollment, parents / guardians must be in agreement with these beliefs, must be born-again Christians, and must be abiding by the biblical standard for marriage.

  1. Both parents should be born-again believers who regularly attend a Bible-believing, local congregation.  However, under certain circumstances, a family may be admitted with only one parent being born-again.  (See #8 below)

  1. Students under suspension or expulsion from another school or who have a history of serious behavioral problems are not eligible to enroll at BCS.

  1. Students must want to attend BCS.

  1. Students should be born-again believers. While we realize that not all students can make such an important personal decision prior to entering a particular grade.

  1. A pastor’s recommendation is required.

  1. We expect all families and students to live a life of moderation in movies, music, and dress.  Furthermore, families will be encouraged to grow spiritually through their church, school sponsored seminars, and their own personal family devotions.

  1. Additional requirements of parents:

Providing a Christ-centered education to prepare students for works of service.


As a ministry of Bethany Church, the faculty and staff of Bethany Christian School hold the following truths in common. These are our affirmations of faith (an affirmation is a statement that is declared to be true):


 Revised 01/2018