Minneapolis Telecommunications Network

Board Meeting Agenda

Monday, November 12, 2018

  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of Board Minutes from 10.8.2018
  3. Update on Board Reorganization - 11.9.2018
  4. Discussion: Fundraising, Social Enterprise, Strategic Planning, and 2019
  5. Executive Director Update - Valerie Lockhart
  6. Public Commentary (3 minutes per person signed up)
  7. Board meeting adjourned


Attendance: David Allison (Chair), Jon Samuelson (Vice-Chair), Mike Wade (Treasuer), Destaye Crawford (Board), Valerie Lockhart (Executive Director), Chris Conradson (Ambassador)

Absent: Kyle Tharaldson (Board)

Meeting called to order: 6:04pm

Minutes from 10/8/2018 meeting: reviewed and approved

Update on Board Reorganization: Due to a recent organizational situation, an emergency Board reorganization was necessary in order to conduct a full legal investigation. Reverend Destaye Crawford was voted onto the board, Samantha Pree-Stinson was voted off of the board, and Kyle Tharaldson was voted out of the role of Vice-Chair. As well, David Allison was voted in as Board Chair and Jon Samuelson was voted in as Vice-Chair. In this meeting, it was decided that a more formal process for vetting Board members was going to be put into place. This new process will include obtaining and checking on references and having a more formal interview with existing board members. The documentation of this process will be worked on via Google Doc by all present.  

Discussion on fundraising, social enterprise, strategic planning, and 2019 and beyond: Give to the Max day is coming up this week. We are going to be sharing out different video clips all day and Val is asking the Board to help share them out to their networks as they go online. There was a discussion about MTN partnering with other organizations to do some educational outreach. Will start looking for grants and funding opportunities to be able to fulfill on that.  Going to write up a position for placement from ESNS to see if we can get someone who can assist with grant research and management. The Board approved the two initiatives Val had brought forth months ago regarding membership charge increase and the fiscal agency fee increase. Both initiatives were approved, so as of January 1st, individual memberships will increase to $75/year, and organizational memberships will increase to $300/year. Fiscal agency fees will increase to 8% with no additional fee. There is a new process in place for fiscal agency to be considered and the application will be distributed as needed to interested parties. During the discussion on strategic planning, it was determined that we are on good course now and it will be revisited in the spring of 2019.

Executive Director Update: Nothing much other than what has already been discussed in the meeting. Will be bringing the 2019 Proposed Budget to the next meeting for approvals.

No public commentary

Board Meeting Adjourned:  7:30pm