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NGCC Energy Checklist
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North Georgia Conservation Coalition ● Checklist for Saving Energy and Reducing Carbon Emissions

Action with Direct Impact


Install LED lights (bulbs and/or fixtures).

Depends on quantity

Minimize use of fireplaces, wood and pellet stoves; close dampers when not in use.


Unplug unused electronics to minimize standby power consumption.


Wash clothes in cold water when possible; hang clothes to dry when possible.


Check lights, appliances, and thermostats every morning, night, and anytime you leave your home.


Change air filter, reverse ceiling fans, change furnace filters.

Little to no cost

Add insulation and weather-stripping for doors, windows, attic and attic door.

Depends on need

Reduce water heating and space heating/cooling by using low-flow shower and faucet heads, energy star heaters, and energy star water heaters.

Depends on what you have and what you decide to buy

Install and program a programmable thermostat.


Buy Certified Energy Efficient appliances and equipment.

Depends on need

Schedule a home energy audit either with an electric company or a private business.

$0 - $450

Install solar panels.

$1,000 - $20,000

Action with Indirect Impact (Lowers Carbon Emissions)


Buy from local farmers and markets; eat at green restaurants; eat organic, plant-based, unprocessed food; minimize food waste; use septic friendly garbage disposals.

Same as alternatives

Use reusable bags; reduce use of plastic products; ask grocery stores, restaurants, and other businesses to reduce plastic use.

Low initial cost

Minimize purchases of heavily packaged products.


Donate unused items, including children’s toys, to thrift stores.


Recycle:  See brochure from Keep Dawson County Beautiful on recycling.


Reduce water usage; use rain barrels or cisterns; water lawns less.

Low to no cost

Check on buying solar offsets for electricity. (Sawnee, Amicalola, and Georgia Power)

Low cost

Help preserve and protect our National and State Forest lands in North Georgia.  Forests store carbon and naturally offset carbon emissions. (Georgia Forest Watch


Choose low energy-consumption activities (ie. hiking, kayaking, walking, outdoor games).


Drive less; combine trips; carpool.

Saves money

When you travel, choose green hotels; encourage other hotels to use green practices.

Same as alternatives

Fly less and, when you do, purchase carbon offsets.

Minimal - check with airline

Buy an electric, hybrid electric, or hybrid car.

$25,000 - $100,000 +

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