848 Policy – Rank Requirements Sign Off

As previously mentioned, there are quite a few requirements that need to be signed off for the earlier ranks (Scout - First Class).  This is where the scout is tested on the skill he is trying to complete.  All ASM/SMs are allowed to test and sign off rank requirements.  In order to avoid a conflict of interest, a leader will not sign off a requirement for their own son.  Infrequent exceptions may be made in the case of a leader who is teaching skills to several Scouts at once at a patrol or troop meeting or other scouting function, but every effort should be made to have another leader sign off the instructing leader’s son if possible.  Boys with a Star, Life, or Eagle Rank are allowed to test the scouts and, upon passing, sign off requirements for Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class Ranks.  Star, Life, and Eagle Rank requirements will be signed off by an ASM/SM.

One of the questions that we hear most often from Scout parents, especially of the younger Scouts is "How do I check on my Merit Badges and advancement?"  While we encourage Scouts to take responsibility for this themselves by talking to Scoutmasters and the Advancement Chair, we know that involved parents make for a successful Scout. 

Troop 848 uses a software program called Troopmaster to keep track of the Scouts progress through ranks and all the information on the scouts and scout families.  As large as the Troop is, this is a very valuable tool for keeping track of this information. 

There is a real challenge with keeping these records up to date and having the kids know where they are in the advancement process. To address this problem, the Troop has purchased Troopmaster for the web.  This is a web based application that will allow you to check on your son's advancement progress and on the accuracy of the information that the troop has on file about you and your son. 

Using this system, you will be able to update and add information about you, your spouse and son(s).  You will not, and should not, be able to see or edit anybody else's information or your son's advancement records. That is the responsibility of the advancement chair.

Generally, Troopmaster is updated on an ongoing basis by the advancement chair and there are major updates after Winter and Summer Camps.

How it Works

  1. Go to the following address:  http://troopmaster.bsatroop848.org   
  2. Log in with the following credentials:  Parents848 / Parents848 
  3. You will be prompted to create a unique user name and password.  I suggest that you use your first initial and lastname (SWOLF for example).  Select a password that is private, but that you don't mind the Troopmaster system administrator seeing.  Please don't use your online banking password, etc.  
  4. This account is intended for you to manage the personal information for your family and your son.  Select your son(s) and you and your spouse (If applicable) as the persons that you will want access to.  You can select multiple people from both Scouts and Adults.  Do not select all Scouts or All adults.  The System Administrator will see this and delete your account.
  5. Select the button to create account.  An email will be sent to the address you provided with your account information.

You should then have access to your records.  

Using this system, you can check your son's advancement, check troop records about his activities, and edit your personal information.  YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO EDIT YOUR OWN SON'S ADVANCEMENT.  

Any questions regarding your son's current rank and merit badge status should be directed to the Advancement Chairman.  Their contact information will be on the Adult Leader Contact List located on the troop website under the “Adult Leaders” tab.