GroundSource User Guide: 10-step process for setting up Slack integration

One of GroundSource’s most powerful attributes are the off-the-charts response rates you can achieve with an engaged community. Open rates on SMS and Messenger are 80-90 percent, and we frequently see response rates click in the 15-20  percent range (which is about typical for email newsletter open rates).

The downside to this, if you want to call it that, is that you’re going to get a lot of responses — and if your work is at all time sensitive, you want to get notifications of your activity in a place you can manage them effectively. For many organizations, that place is Slack.

So we’ve integrated GroundSource with Slack. If you’re a current user of GroundSource, follow this easy 10-step guide. If you’re not a customer, get in touch here.


  1. Create a new Slack workspace (or go to one you’ve already created and own)
  2. Create a channel on your Slack workspace where you want the messages to go on Slack (e.g. GroundSource Feed)
  3. Go to and log in
  4. Click on the Start Building to create an app, name the app and choose your workspace

  1.  Click on Incoming Webhooks

  1. Generate a webhook URL and identify the channel you want the feed to flow into

  1. Activate incoming webhooks by toggling Off to On

  1. Click on Add New Webhook to Workspace

  1. Copy the URL, go to your Team Settings page on GroundSource and paste the URL into  “Slack integration URL” box

  1. Test one of your GroundSource conversations — and voila!, you’ll see every notification now post to your chosen Slack channel!

    For now, you’ll only be able to read responses in Slack. We’re working on lots of other functionality, including the ability to respond from Slack and tag responses, which will enable you to build lists.

  1. Enjoy!