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ALU School of Wildlife Conservation Research Policy
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ALU School of Wildlife Conservation

Research Policy


To become leaders in terms of promoting, supporting and facilitating policy- and practice relevant research on the business of conservation in Africa, including specifically research on Africa’s wildlife economy.


Scope of the policy

This policy applies to all those conducting research through ALU’s SOWC, irrespective of the source of their funding or the field in which they conduct their research or the site where the research is conducted.  The policy provides structure and establishes a framework within which the School of Wildlife Conservation (SOWC) will support, facilitate and promote policy- and practice-relevant research.


Objectives of the SOWC Research Programme 

Overall objective

To promote a growing, inclusive, sustainable wildlife economy in Africa

General objectives

Areas of research

Research, which focuses on Africa’s wildlife economy and the business of conservation and can be used to influence policy and practice, will be facilitated and supported by SOWC.

Research Process

Research ideas will be generated through the engagement of government, NGOs, local communities, and the private sector to identify needs.  Data will then be gathered according to these needs, with the aim of preparing data products and tools to support high-level decision-makers in terms of policy and practice.  


Research protocols

o    Be relevant to the needs and interests of the broader community;

o   Have a valid scientific methodology;

o  Ensure research participants are well informed about the purpose of the research and how the research results will be disseminated and have consented to participate, where applicable;

o Ensure research participants’ rights to privacy and confidentiality are protected;

o   Ensure the fair selection of research participants; and

o  Thorough care must be taken to ensure that research in communities is effectively coordinated and does not place an unwarranted burden on such communities.

o   The use of animals in scientific research can only be justified if the benefits to both humans and/or animals outweigh the potential harm to the animal subject;

o   Care should be taken to ensure that all research that could potentially harm the environment, is carried out with the necessary respect for the impact that it could have on the physical, biological and spatial environment.

Independence of parties

Where the researcher is not an employee of ALU, ALU and the Researcher and their relevant institution act as independent entities and not as agents or employees of one another.

Conflicts of interest

A conflict of interest occurs when professional judgement regarding an interest, e.g. research, is unduly influenced by another interest, e.g. financial gain or gain in personal status.  Where there is, or may be, a conflict of interest this needs to be brought to the attention of the SOWC prior to the research being conducted and, where relevant, disclosed in any research findings, publications, etc.


This policy is valid for all ALU SOWC research.


For more information, contact SOWC Research Director:

Dr Sue Snyman:


Source: Adapted from Policy for responsible research conduct at Stellenbosch University.  Accessed March 2020: