Whom to Contact

High School Number (716) 686-3255      

High School Fax (716) 686-3347

The following information is to help you find the correct person(s) to answer questions or concerns you may have. To avoid miscommunication, it is always best if the student initiates the process with a teacher, administrator or counselor.  

Go to Faculty and find contact information for a specific teacher.


Whom do I contact about a concern with a teacher?

Whom do I contact about content or material used in class?

The parent/guardian should contact the teacher or the appropriate liaison to that teacher’s department.  The best way to initiate contact is phone call.

Mr.  Cesar Marchioli, Principal

Mrs. Terry Adamec, Assistant Principal

Mr. Jamie Pernick, Assistant Principal

Mrs. Stephanie Lackie, Assistant Principal

Academies - Terry Adamec

Art - Terry Adamec

Business - Terry Adamec

Counseling - Cesar Marchioli

Curriculum - Stephanie Lackie

English - Jamie Pernick

Family Consumer Sciences - Terry Adamec        

Foreign Language - Stephanie Lackie

Health - Stephanie Lackie

Math - Stephanie Lackie

Media Center - Cesar Marchioli

Music - Terry Adamec

Parking - Terry Adamec

Physical Education - Stephanie Lackie

Scheduling - Terry Adamec

Science - Terry Adamec

Social Studies - Cesar Marchioli

Special Education - Jamie Pernick

Technology - Terry Adamec


Whom do I contact about an athletic team issue?  Athletic department chain of concern

Brian Wild, Athletic Director

Kim Glauser, Secretary


Whom do I contact if my child is going to be absent or needs an early dismissal?

Whom do I contact about audits?

Mrs. Danielle Counihan, Secretary

Mrs. Donna Heist, Secretary


Whom do I contact if my child is having difficulty in a class or needs tutoring?

Whom do I contact about my child’s schedule?

Whom do I contact about missed work if my student is absent?

Below is a list of guidance counselors.  They are broken down by alphabetical order. Contact the person who corresponds with your child’s last name.

Mrs. Megan Hewett  A-Com

Mrs. Rebecca O’Connor Com-Gos

Mrs. Nancy Hejaily Got-Kv

Mrs. Jodi Coleman Kw-Mw

Mr. Don Marchese(Dept.Chair) MY-Pok

Mrs. Claudia Tryjankowski Pol-Sto

Mrs. Danielle Len Stp-Z


Whom do I contact about sport physicals and impact testing?  

Mrs. Liz Ceppaglia, School Nurse

Mrs. Linda Palma, Secretary


Officer Patrick O’Brien


Whom do I contact about student activities and clubs?

Mark Skowron


Whom do I contact for questions about student logins, BYOD, or technological support?

Jill Santoro