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Workshop/Seminar Review Form

Date: November 13, 2018

Workshop/Seminar Title: Inclusive Pedagogy and Praxis Workshop Series – Session #2: Who you’re teaching

Presenter/Facilitator: Roze Hentschell & Ria Vigil

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Once complete, please upload to your ePortfolio. Remember, the Graduate Teaching Certificate requires that you have attended and reviewed six pedagogical workshops or seminars.

  1. Explain the central topic and purpose of the workshop/seminar.  What are the presenter/facilitator’s goals for this workshop?

In this seminar, we talked in depth about the racial/ethnic demographics of the CSU undergraduate student body. The primary purpose was to gain some understanding of the experiences that some of these students currently undergo in CSU classrooms, especially given a campus that is predominantly composed of white students and white faculty. We watched a video in which several students shared some of their experiences and stories; the video was incredibly impactful to me, as these students were very candidly sharing negative experiences that they had in classrooms. The overall purpose of the workshop was to shine some light on the experiences of students in minority groups, and spread awareness of the potential impact that we as instructors can have to reach these students, and potentially create a more positive classroom environment for these individuals.

  1. What information in the workshop/seminar was most valuable to you?  

The most significant part of the workshop for me was a statement that one of the other participants made in passing. A small comment that an instructor can make without thinking much about it can often have a significant and lasting impact for a student. And in many cases, the instructor may not even be aware of the impact that their comments can have. The impact of these passing statements can be both negative or positive. This may seem like a small bit of information, but it is very valuable to me because it has pushed me to be more cognizant of comments that I may make in passing to a student, and hopefully push me to create positive impacts for these students.

  1. How will you connect that information to your own pedagogical endeavors?

Even a simple gesture, such as personally inviting a student to discuss a problem that they’re having with an assignment one-on-one, can be an important step to reach out to a student. Especially for students that are first generation, little things such as this can really make a positive influence in their college experience. I plan to make a more conscious effort to reach out to all students in this way.

  1. After attending this workshop/seminar, what additional information would you like to seek about this subject?

I would like to get more information about how to create inclusive classrooms for students with differing abilities. Currently, I feel confident in my ability to work with individual students that approach me with accommodation letters from the Student Disability Center. However, these accommodations typically only have to do with accommodations for assessments, such as additional time for exams. While these are certainly important steps that I can take as an instructor, I’d like to also learn about techniques that I can incorporate into my day-to-day lesson planning to further remove barriers for students, even those who don’t have formally documented accommodations.  

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