Listen to the stories:

What were the key elements to leadership that you heard from Bex’s story?

Kate and katelyn - trying new things, being inspired,take risks, patient,  flexible dream big have an elephant be courageous don’t leave probloms

Doing the work with all the team.

Asking for help even though she was the leader.

Even though she was the leader she still ask for her team to lead her because she was not experienced in baking e.c.t


 Mikaela and Tui- take risks

Mikaela and Tui- work as a team

Mikaela and Tui- be confident

Mikaela and Tui- have an elephant

Tui-have friends to go to

Tui- be flexible

Tui- dream big 

Eva- Volunteering to take on the job even though it was a big one. Looking for inspiration from her friends, and wanting to be part of me team instead of the BOSS.

JULIETTE - I think that being in a team means helping each other. Being able to step up to challenges that might face you.

Henry and Martin: be brave, be strong, take risks, dream big, be flexible, work in a team, help each other, be humble, have an elephant, trying new things,

Follow your inspiration.

Stand up to challenges.

Dream big.

Be brave and take risks.

Be positive.

Be flexible.

Have a good reaction.

Lend a helping hand.

Ask for help.

Be humble.

Try to be an elephant.

Be the best you can be.

Volunteer even if no one wants to do it.

Be an inspiration to someone.

Be courageous.

Always have a leader (elephant)

Mikaela and Sofina.

Ollie and Jada.

Follow your dreams.

Take risks

Always be positive and don't think about the negative.

Work with the team.

Be humble.

Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Always have an elephant.

Izzy and Lydia - Take Inspiration , Take Risks , be flexible, have an elephant.

Amber: take risks, work together, have an elephant.

 Danika and cullen--- show leadership, take risks, follow your dreams,make inspiration,make convictions,have an elephant.

Cole: how I  show leader ship work as a team stick together never give up have a elephant

How might we use these elements in our own leadership?


JULIETTE and Lydia's


Who might your “elephant”



Why? (vision) Wairua

How? (goal)   To empower learners to show wairua.

What? (look,sound,feel) take every moment to talk to people about their wairua. Talking to others about what their passionate about. Having 2 school ambassadors and 2 house leaders in the morning have a little list of different coffee types make them and take a tray round and see if the teachers want coffee also put little treats on there.