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Vendor Application 2020
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30th OZARK HAM & TURKEY FESTIVALC:\Users\CCC\Desktop\Logo 2015\JPG\Chamber-01.jpg

Saturday, September 19, 2020


Name of Vendor: ________________________________________________________

Contact: _______________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________

Phone: _______________________ Email Address: _____________________________


     _____ Nonprofit Organization (Church or Civic Organization) Fee negotiable  

     _____ Craft Vendor- (Items MUST be homemade) $40 for each 10’x10’ space

     _____ Commercial Vendor- (purchased items for resale) $70 for each 10’x10’ space

     _____ Food Vendor- $85 for each 10’x10’ space

Electricity to any vendor booth is an additional $20.00. Please indicate electrical needs.

Electricity? No____   Yes______   Please specify: 110___   220___ Other_________________________

Requests or Special Accommodations: _____________________________________________________


What products will you be selling? Be specific: _________________________________________


Is your organization tax exempt? (If yes, you must include a copy of tax-exempt form)  Yes___ No___

Set up Saturday, September 21st at 6:00 am. Tear down NO SOONER THAN 4:00 pm. This is a one day event. All concessions are responsible for leaving their booth spaces clean!

Submit form & payment to: Ozark Ham & Turkey Festival at 500 S. Oak St., Ste. A, California, Mo. 65018

Contact: Sandra Ratcliff, Executive Secretary, 573-796-3040 or email

OFFICE USE ONLY: Paid ___/___/___   Check #_________   $_________ or Cash $_________

 Booth Space 2018 __________       Booth Space 2019_________