Google Expeditions lessons take 30-minutes and can either be led by Chad Bryant, you, or in a team teaching model. Students will each receive an Expeditions headset while the teacher guides them on their tablet. Below is a list of suggested expeditions for each grade level, but you may also search the vast list and request one that better suits your current content.

Google Expeditions Master List

Grade Level

Expedition Suggestions


  • Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Exploring the Red Planet
  • In Antarctica
  • Ocean Safari
  • The Burj Khalifa
  • California State Parks
  • SpaceX


  • Habitats
  • How Animals See the World
  • American Museum of Natural History


  • Google Earth World Tour
  • Solar System


  • Giant Devil’s Flower Mantis (Life Cycle)
  • How Wind Becomes Electricity
  • Wind
  • Galapagos Islands


  • U.S. Elections
  • HOME: Native People in the Southwest
  • Native American Cultures
  • Grand Canyon
  • Evolution
  • Physical Geography
  • Ecosystem


  • The Gold Rush
  • Spanish Settlement in the New World
  • Field Trip to Hispanic Historic Sites in the United States
  • Latino Murals
  • Anatomy - Nervous System
  • Magnetism


  • The United States Constitution
  • Paul Revere’s Ride
  • Immigration and Cities
  • The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
  • Latino Neighborhoods in the United States
  • Latino Murals
  • Lower East Side Tenement Museum
  • The American Revolution Begins
  • Spanish Settlement in the New World
  • Photosynthesis
  • Clouds
  • Exploring Inside an Arctic Glacier
  • Global Coral Bleaching Event
  • Journey of a River
  • The Ocean World