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Neco Quick Guide

How to work with Neco’s prototype system

“Big change is always driven by a small group”

Tom Peters


Contents        1

1. Welcome to Neco        2

1.1 Banking with Neco        2

1.2 Login and registration        3

1.3 Buying Neco tokens        3

1.4 Selling Neco tokens        4

1.5 Sending Neco tokens        4

1.6 Acceptance        4

1.7 Account statements        4

1.8 Collexa        4

1.9 Tips for your investment strategy        5

2. Universal basic income        6

2.1 UBI allowance        6

2.2 UBI application        6

2.3 Paying with UBI        7

2.4 Changing your UBI subscription        7

3. Carbon offset        7

3.1 Carbon Freetax rates        8

3.1.1 Flat rates        8

3.1.2 Individual rate        8

3.2 Paying your Carbon Freetax        8

4. Karma        9

4.1 Karma levels        10

4.2 Karma tokens        10

5. Roadmap        11

5.1 Initial Coin Offerings        11

5.2 Release schedule 2021        11

6. Contact and resources        12

6.1 Resources        12

6.2 Contact        13

6.3 About this document        13

1.        Welcome to Neco

Servus[1] and welcome to Neco, the currency for the common good. For our members, we generate profit, provide universal basic income and protect the climate. Our vision is to build a sustainable financial system that serves the people and the planet.

In this short manual, you will learn how to work with Neco on our current prototype system based on the Google Cloud platform. Because building a new financial system takes time, we are using the prototype system to offer basic features while developing the Neco platform, consisting of the Neco app and our Stackchain technology. This allows us to test the Necosystem with our beta community of 300+ members before going public and changing the world. We kindly ask for your understanding for the limited functionality and that transfer requests may take 1-2 business days.

1.1        Banking with Neco

Neco is a digital currency that serves as a store of value and a means of exchange. You can use Neco tokens[2] to pay others like traditional fiat[3] currencies like EUR, GBP and USD. Neco is exchangeable into all major fiat currencies. Imagine your Neco account like a bank account, but in a foreign currency.

Unlike most currencies, Neco is a free currency without interest and banking fees. With Neco, sending money is as easy as sending an email. You can pay anybody globally using their email. The receiver will be notified via email and can exchange their Neco tokens into most fiat currencies.

Neco offers many advantages over traditional currencies:

This chart shows the stable upwards trend of the Neco price since March 2019. Click here to view the interactive price chart.

1.2        Login and registration

Your first step is to register for Neco. It’s free and all we ask for is your name, address and photo ID. To register, you also need a free Google account / Gmail address which serves as your login to the Neco prototype platform. Remember - your Google account and Google password is your Neco login! Save the link to your Neco folder where you will find your documents and account statements.

Neco registration for individuals: 

Neco registration for businesses: 

1.3        Buying Neco tokens

To buy Neco tokens, please make a bank transfer in Euro (EUR), British Pound (GBP) or US Dollar (USD) to one of our bank accounts below with your name as payment reference. Once we receive your payment, we will deposit your Neco tokens in your Neco account, using the current Neco exchange rate. You will receive an email confirming your payment and your account statement. Earn a Karma token for purchasing Neco tokens over 1,000 EUR or more.

You can buy more Neco tokens at any time by making another transfer.



Account number

BIC or

Bank code



BE16 9670 6461 2874


Pro Team Investment GmbH


GB06 TRWI 2314 7046 2498 87

Sort code: 23-14-70

Pro Team Investment GmbH




Pro Team Investment GmbH

For more information, alternative bank accounts or local account numbers, please read our payment instructions.

1.4        Selling Neco tokens

To sell Neco tokens, please submit a transfer request, providing your bank details:

Depending on your currency or bank, the transfer may take 1-2 business days and transaction costs may apply. You can sell your Neco tokens at any time using the current Neco exchange rate. Terms and conditions apply.

1.5        Sending Neco tokens

To send Neco tokens to any person or organization, please submit a transfer request, providing name and email address of the recipient:

The receiver will be notified via email and invited to register, if necessary. The recipient can sell their Neco tokens at any time. All transfers in Neco are free of charge.

1.6        Acceptance

In theory, any person or organization with an email can accept Neco tokens. To pay someone in Neco, simply ask “Can I pay in Neco?”. Tell the other person about Neco and invite them to Neco by sending them the 50 NECO welcome voucher that you have received after your first token purchase. The recipient can sell his Neco tokens and you can earn a Karma token for your referral.

For the prototype, we have limited the maximum number of Neco members to 500. This limit will be removed after Neco goes public. Our viral marketing strategy is based upon our members recommending Neco to their friends, family and business partners. This strategy is more effective and cost-efficient than spending thousands of marketing dollars trying to reach people via the media.

1.7        Account statements

All your account statements are in your Neco folder (Google Drive). You will receive a statement when you buy, sell or transfer Neco tokens. You will also receive monthly, quarterly and yearly statements when you had any transactions or the Neco price changed.

1.8        Collexa

As a Neco member, you have a vote and can participate in the collective decision-making process and regulation of the Neco through Collexa, our system of collective intelligence.

Neco’s price and budgets are updated quarterly in a Collexa referendum, the Neco regulation. We will invite you to submit your vote on how to regulate key parameters such as price, budgets, reserve and the rates for universal basic income.

1.9        Tips for your investment strategy

“People do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning” - Henry Ford

Fiat currencies are “shitcoins” - sorry for the language but it’s true! For example, the Euro has lost over 20% of its value and is backed up by nothing. Banks take your money and in return charge YOU with interest and banking fees. The financial system is bankrupt, having three times more debt than money! The collapse of the old system is imminent and we are convinced that it won’t survive this decade. Time to leave the sinking ship!

Here are our investment tips for you:

  1. Start selling your fiat “shitcoins” and transition into cryptocurrencies like Neco that increase in value, are backed up by a reserve and pay you for depositing your money.
  2. Pay in NECO, not in fiat. Ask to pay in Neco and invite new members.
  3. Hold your Neco tokens and only sell them when you need to. Keep just enough fiat money on your fiat bank account to cover your expenses for 1-3 months.
  4. Apply for universal basic income to gain financial freedom.
  5. Increase your Karma level by buying Neco tokens, volunteering or inviting others to join our community.

2.        Universal basic income

“The benefits of a universal basic income overall are huge” - Andrew Yang

Neco offers universal basic income (UBI) to all members unconditionally. The monthly UBI allowance depends on the member’s Karma level. Our vision is to reduce poverty, hunger and inequality, and free people from financial slavery.

2.1        UBI allowance

Your monthly UBI allowance is determined by your Karma level. Our UBI rates are regulated collectively through Collexa. UBI is paid out on the last day of each month.

The following table lists our monthly UBI allowances for the year 2021 by Karma level. To reach a Karma level, a certain number of Karma tokens are required.

2.2        UBI application

To receive your monthly UBI payment, please submit your UBI application:

After being approved, you will receive Neco tokens every month on a separate UBI stack[4] (account). You will also receive separate account statements for your UBI stack and your NECO stack.

2.3        Paying with UBI

To send tokens from your UBI account to any person or organization, please submit a transfer request, providing the name and email address of the recipient. The receiver will be notified via email and invited to register, if necessary.

As a recipient of UBI, you must also accept Neco as a currency for payment by others. To use your UBI, you will need to ask people to accept Neco.

Please remember that UBI Tokens are non-convertible, i.e. you cannot convert tokens on your UBI account into fiat currencies! For more details, please refer to the Neco UBI Agreement.

2.4        Changing your UBI subscription

To update or cancel your UBI subscription, please update your UBI application:

3.        Carbon offset

To protect our climate, Neco will finance projects to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, such as afforestation or regenerative agriculture. Our members can offset their personal carbon footprint by making a voluntary, tax-deductible[5] donation - the Carbon Freetax. Our vision is to become a climate-neutral Neco community by offsetting the carbon footprint of our members.


3.1        Carbon Freetax rates

The Carbon Freetax depends on your estimated annual carbon emissions and is payable annually for the previous calendar year (2020). You can choose between our flat rates or calculate your individual carbon footprint. The Carbon Freetax can only be paid in fiat currency, not in NECO!

3.1.1        Flat rates

Choose the flat rate that fits your lifestyle best.

Flat rate

Freetax amount (for 2020)



150 EUR

Discounted rate for vegans and vegetarians


200 EUR

Normal rate for average consumers

Frequent Flyer

300 EUR

Higher rate for frequent flyers with 3 or more flights per year

3.1.2        Individual rate

Calculate your individual carbon footprint (in tons of CO2) and multiply your carbon footprint with 20 EUR per ton of CO2.


To calculate your individual carbon footprint for the previous year, we propose to use one of the following carbon calculators:



Notes / Time

UN Carbon offset platform 

Recommended (5 minutes)


Simple (2 minutes)

Carbon Footprint 

Detailed (15 minutes)

If you feel you cannot afford paying your full Carbon Freetax, you can make a smaller donation within your budget. We appreciate your willingness to take responsibility for your carbon footprint.

3.2        Paying your Carbon Freetax

To support Neco’s carbon offset program, we kindly ask you to pay your annual Carbon Freetax by making a donation to our non-profit organization Neco for Future. You will receive a Karma token, thereby increasing your Karma level and UBI allowance. At the end of the year, we will send a donation receipt to deduct it from your taxes.

To pay your Carbon Freetax, please choose your Carbon Freetax rate and make a bank transfer to one of the below accounts with “Carbon Freetax” as payment reference. We recommend using our GLS bank account since PayPal charges transaction fees.




Account number

BIC or

Bank code

Bank name


Neco Finance e.V.



GLS Gemeinschaftsbank


Neco Finance e.V. or 


For more information, alternative bank accounts or local account numbers, please read our payment instructions or contact us at

4.        Karma

“Karma is more valuable than money” - Flo Goette

Karma is a token earned for positive actions such as investing money, volunteering or inviting others. It cannot be purchased, sold or transferred. Our vision is to build a recognition system that transcends the value of money.  

You can earn Karma tokens through:

4.1        Karma levels

Your Karma level determines your monthly allowance for universal basic income. The more Karma tokens you earn, the higher your Karma level.

Karma levels range from 1-10. The following table shows the number of Karma tokens required for each Karma level.


Karma level


Level 1: Newcomer


Level 2: Beginner

2 - 3

Level 3: Novice

4 - 5

Level 4: Intermediate

6 - 8

Level 5: Advanced

9 - 12

Level 6: Expert

13 - 17

Level 7: Master

18 - 23

Level 8: Grand Master

24 - 30

Level 9: Guru


Level 10: Enlightened

The token requirements for each Karma level increase over time, as more Karma tokens are issued.

4.2        Karma tokens

You can earn different Karma tokens, depending on your positive action. All Karma tokens are limited, e.g. you can only earn one Private Sales Investor Karma token per month, even if you invest 2,000 EUR.

Karma token

Earned for


Private Sales Investor

Buying Neco tokens over 1,000 EUR or more

1 token per month

Impact Investor

Buying Neco tokens over 100,000 EUR or more

1 token per month

Carbon Freetax

Paying your carbon freetax to offset your carbon footprint

1 token per year


Making a donation over 100 EUR or more

1 token per month


Volunteering for our organization for 1 day (6 hours)

1 token per month

Neco Evangelist

Inviting a new investors (min. investment 250 EUR)

1 token per month

Contact us at if you want to earn more Karma tokens.

5.        Roadmap

Building a sustainable financial system takes time. As an agile organization, we develop new features in iterations, quarter by quarter. We use our current prototype platform to test the Necosystem with our beta community of 200+ members before going public.


5.1        Initial Coin Offerings

The project will be financed through multiple series of crowdfunding, primarily through three Initial Coin Offerings (ICO):

  1. Neco ICO (2021)
  2. Stackchain ICO (2022)
  3. Collexa ICO (2023)

The purpose of each ICO is to raise funding for the development of the respective technology and subsequently commence the public sale of the token.

5.2        Release schedule 2021

The following features are scheduled to be released in 2021.



Quarter (est.)

Carbon Freetax

Neco's voluntary, tax-deductible carbon offset program


Community Happiness Index

Indicator for measuring the happiness of the Neco community. Based on the Gross National Happiness (GNH) of Bhutan. Pronounced "Ki" like the Chinese "Qi" for energy force


Neco Constitution

The Neco Constitution enshrines Neco's core values and contains a set of rules that guide us on our path. All our policies and actions have to comply with the Neco Constitution.



Stackchain is a crypto platform for decentralization and tokenization - a faster, more efficient and more secure version of Blockchain technology. Stackchain is a climate-neutral Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) that stores information in distributed databases and supports GDPR requirements.


Neco App

Neco’s mobile banking app


Neco ICO

The Neco ICO (initial coin offering) is the first public offer of the Neco token.


6.        Contact and resources

If you have any questions or suggestions, please refer to the resources below or contact us.

6.1        Resources



Neco registration

Registration form for individuals

Neco business registration

Registration form for businesses

Universal basic income application

Form to apply for universal basic income

Neco transfer form

Form to sell or transfer Neco tokens

Neco White Paper

The Neco White Paper describes the Neco token, the Necosystem and the Neocracy organization

Neco Constitution 

The Neco Constitution enshrines Neco's core values and contains a set of rules that guide us on our path. All our policies and actions have to comply with the Neco Constitution.

Neco payment instructions

This document describes how to buy, sell and transfer Neco tokens

Neco price chart

Interactive price chart with historic Neco prices

Neco Private Sales Agreement

The Neco Private Sales Agreement contains the terms and conditions for the sales of Neco tokens during the private sales events.

Neco UBI Agreement

The Neco UBI Agreement sets the terms and conditions for participating in Neco's Universal Basic Income (UBI) program.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy explains how we collect personal information, how we use it, your rights, and how we comply with the GDPR

6.2        Contact

For general enquiries, please use the email addresses below.



General enquiries

Customer support


Universal basic income

Carbon offset



Neco for Future (non-profit)

Jobs and recruiting





6.3        About this document

Neco Quick Guide


The Neco Quick Guide explains how to get started with Neco on our current prototype system based on the Google Cloud platform


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[1] “Servus” means “at your service” and is a salutation used in Bavaria and many other European regions.

[2] A token is an object representing a physical or virtual asset, or a right in something.

[3] Fiat money is a government-issued currency that isn't backed by a commodity such as gold.

[4] A stack represents an account in the Stackchain database and serves to hold tokens

[5] Tax-deductible in Germany and other countries, depending on your local tax laws.