1.        Purpose

With the exception of those courses in which students must demonstrate “Proficiency” through the Keystone Examinations (Algebra I, Biology, Literature (English 10), students may be permitted to accelerate the completion of academic requirements for graduation by pursuing coursework during the summer or during the school year at their own expense.

2.        Guidelines

The coursework must be pursued through an online provider approved by the BCIU Berks Online Program or at an accredited college or university.  Coursework completed through a college or university must be accepted by the college or university for credit toward fulfilling college-level requirements.

        Pol. 217

Prior to enrollment, coursework must be approved by the high school principal and be directly related to the fulfillment of the district’s graduation requirements.  The curricular objectives of the course, where appropriate, should reflect the Common Core State Standards and be closely aligned to the curriculum of the course that the student would normally pursue in the district.

A grade of “C” or better must be attained in order to receive credit toward graduation.  Grades earned through the college/university or through online coursework will not be utilized for the purposes of computing grade point averages or class rank.

Students pursuing coursework at a college or university must schedule their classes around their high school program.  The high school schedule will not be modified to permit acceleration.

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