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~ The Top Ten ~
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~ The Top Ten ~

#1--  2 Pancakes Or French Toast, 2 eggs any    

   style, served with your choice of 1 side…$9.50*

#2-- 3 Pancakes Or French toast, 3 eggs any style served with  

   your choice of 2 sides..$11.95*



#3-- Eggs any style with home fries, toast and

   your choice of a side  

                                  2 Eggs- $7.50     3 Eggs $8.50

#4--  Corned beef hash topped with 2 eggs over

    easy with toast…$11.95  

Add A Side Of Bearnaise Sauce $.75

#5--  Avocado on multigrain toast topped with a

     hard boiled egg served with lemon lime    

     dressed baby arugula & fresh fruit$12.50

#6-- Linguica hash, 2 eggs over easy served

     with your choice of toast…$9.95

#7-- Breakfast Caprese… 2 eggs over medium,

     sliced tomato & fresh mozzarella cheese over  

     a bed of arugula drizzled with lemon basil

     vinaigrette, choice of toast…$12.50

#8-- Breakfast Skillet… home fries topped with

     bacon, cheddar cheese, sour cream & scallion  

     with your choice of 2 eggs & toast…$10.95 

#9-- Hash Sampler.. Choice of 2 hashes topped

     with 2 over easy eggs & toast… $11.50

Add A Side Of Bearnaise Sauce $.75

#10-- Apple chicken sausage with sweet potato

     hash, 2 eggs any style & toast…$11.50

Add An Extra Egg To Any Of The Top 10 For $1.50