Next Film:  ”Lost in Paris”

Screening:      24th September     


Country:         France

Language:      French (English subtitles)

Year:                 2016        


Runtime:       83 mins

Tickets:          £6 on the door (members free) 

Bar opens:    7:30pm             

Screening:    8:00pm

It’s a little gem . Peter Bradshaw (The Guardian).

Who wouldn’t want a picturesque trip to the French capital that delivers more laughs than a nitrous oxide leak near a hyena compound. Peter Debruge (Variety).The lost art of slapstick-physical comedy-is so rarely practiced these days that when true masters of it show up on screen it’s like a surprise smack right in your funny bone. Roger Moore (Movie Nation).

Nonsensical by design, a comedy of the absurd that’s always entertaining and occasionally pure. Joe Morgenstern (Wall Street Journal).

It may be a specialist’s rarified sort of work now, but Gordon and Abel really know what they are doing. It’s gentle and admittedly closer to a divertissement than a full-course comic meal. But no one else is doing anything like this at the moment. Todd McCarthy (The Hollywood Reporter).

It’s as infuriating as it is inventive, as it Just… Never...Stops. It is Paris Through the Looking Glass. Alex Godfrey (Time Out)