Next Film:  ”The Innocents”

Screening:    26th March

Country:           Poland/France

Year:                2016

Runtime:    1hr.58mins

Tickets          £6 on the door                  .                      (members free) 

Bar opens             7:30pm  

Screening starts  8:00pm

This film has sub-titles .

Powerful and moving. Examines every moral crevice of an unthinkable scenario.   Justin Chang (Variety).

Played with restraint and individuality by a fine ensemble, this is a moving but provocative study of belief, duty, compassion and acceptance.   David Parkinson (Empire).

Blistering. A restrained but cumulatively powerful drama about the crises of faith that emerge when a house of God is ravaged by war.   Stephen Holden (The NY Times).

It’s an emotionally involving rather than harrowing film, with scenes as beautiful as oil paintings  . Cath Clarke (Time Out London).

Through the example of friendship and co-operation, The Innocents shines a glimmer of hope on a period of great doubt.   Pat Padua (Washington Post).

The film is guided by the idea of two women moving slowly towards each other in friendship and understanding, one the atheist doctor and the other a worldly bride of Christ.   Ty Burr (Boston Globe).