Next Film:     ”A United Kingdom”

Screening:    23rd October

Country:           UK

Year:                2016

Runtime:          1hr 51 mins  

Tickets          £6 on the door                  .                      (members free) 

Bar opens             7:30pm  

Screening starts  8:00pm

A united kingdom 004.jpg

It glides romantically along the surface while political turmoil boils away underneath. Its plea for tolerance isn’t subtle, but it’s a story that deserves to be told.  Helen O’Hara (Empire).

Unmissable, one of the best films of the year.   Baz Bamigboye (Daily Mail).

A strange, shameful chapter of history is dusted off by Amma Asante to make this earnestly stunning Empire drama.  Peter Bradshaw (The Guardian).

David Oyelowo who played Martin Luther King Jr. in “Selma” could probably give a rousing speech about, say, potatoes. Stephanie Merry (Washington Post).

Sometimes a movie can have a bland face but a fierce heart.  Robert Horton (Seattle Weekly).

The opening title “Based on a true story” can cover a multitude of sins, but in “A United KIngdom” it unlocks the door to a romantic drama that grows more remarkable by the minute.  Kenneth Turran (Los Angeles Times)

The film tells an important story and it tells it very well.  Jamie East (The Sun)