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Cuisenaire Rods

Thinking Blocks Tool for Modeling

Rekenrek/number rack


Number Frames (for example: Ten Frames)

Bead String (You can make this with string and beads to use as a concrete tool.)

Other Resources

CCSS Math 

p. 88 types of addition and subtraction problems

p. 89 types of multiplication and division problems

p. 90 Properties of Operations, Properties of Equality, Properties of Inequality

Kaplinski Depth of Knowledge

Depth of Knowledge- Hess Math-Sci Matrix

North Carolina Teacher Resources

Greg Tang Math - Standards-based word problem generator

South Dakota Counts - Lists of standards-based word problems

Number of the Day

Subitizing - to see and know right away

Question of the Day

Tooth Pick Puzzles

Math Songs

Songs for Teaching

Math Poems & Stories

Math Pictures Books

Math Anchor Charts


Student Data Binders - Individual goal setting

Status of the Class

Rekenrek paper

Graphic Organizers for Math Vocabulary

Number Bracelets - Concrete!

Mrs. Shannon's Class Guided Math Resources (includes Math Questions)

Addition Strategy Posters

Subtraction Strategy Posters

Multiplication Strategy Posters

Division Strategy Posters

Virtual Games

Which One Doesn't Belong?


Would You Rather Math

Mash Up Math

Math Playground

Games in Books (PDFs) for Centers

Math Board Games Book

Fun Math Games Printables



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Time Video

Around the Clock


Mathematizing Your School

The First 20 Days

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