Pels’s Turn
This is the state of the rimworld: LOL

My First impressions:
1.        Base is well made
2.        Ample food supply
3.        High research level
1.        Few pawns (only 3 and 1 is unable to fight.)

Log 01: So as I scrolled through the map, I found a dead boar.. a valuable food source

Damn, there’s a wolf... But he’s not hungry as of now.

I played the game at a normal pace and tried to feel the flow for a while.
Log 02: To compensate for the lack of pawns, I would need an animal army. And I found thissss...:

Muffalos produce milk and fur but eat quite a lot too. I must keenly look at the food supply every now and then.
Log 03: I’m not a big fan of drugs but..

I found ambrosia. For now I placed a growing zone and disabled sowing in it. The pro players know the reason for it.

Log 04: The west side of the base is wide open but I see some ruins of a bunker. Perhaps there was an intense fight that occurred here in the past.

For now, I made a simple defensive fortification.

Log 05: The hell?

....... ***** you idiot. Go back inside now!! All pawns stay inside as well.

Well, I will just transform that guy into food. I set up an ambush…

Or not..

If I rescue that guy, taming him will not take a lot of time since he will be in the base.

I gave him quite the PAIN.

For some reason, the muffalo entered the storage. Maa, it’s okay.. Just don’t spread your SH**T there.


Now, I have a pair.
Log 06: My first raid... RED ALERT!!!

First, calm down. I dunno why but I really hate raids. But the game would be pretty boring without them I guess. They are pirates, armed with bolt rifles and pistols, a pretty manageable raid but I have only 2 pawns capable of defense...
No choice, I positioned my men to intercept the enemy.

Luckily enough, they have the gall to wander in enemy territory. I guess using the mortars would be a sound decision.

Nice shot. 3 pawns burning at once but.... There is a lake.. Ugh..

WTF you doing?? Sleeping??? With the bombardment and fires going on? How can you sleep in that situation…

No enemy pawns died, the fire didn’t do much damage because of the damned lake.. and now, they’re attacking.

They’re attacking one by one.. That’s good.

First blood goes to…

Libby. Well done, but the fight has just begun.

Libby got another one.. This guy is pretty good with the gun huh..

Libby’s hit. Fall back for a while. And you stupid pawn who can’t fight, repair the turret.

Oh? They’re running away. They left 2 of their comrades. What a shameful bunch, in any case I have 2 prisoners.

I strip them first before capturing them, For Academic Purposes.

There they are..

Log 07: The hell is wrong with this guy???

In that case, I shall use an IRON FIST.

According to the social tab of that idiot, his rival is Isamu so I drafted Isamu and positioned him near Libby.

Then melee attack that guy. Smash some common sense in his head!

Problem solved. Now this is what we call martial law. Nyahahaha..

Unfortunately, one of the prisoners diedededeed. But no matter, he becomes dog food then. No big deal.

Wow with that 0.83% chance haha.

The next day, mother husky gave birth to 2 puppies.

But 1 was immediately eaten by a cat. How the hell did he enter??
No matter.. I hunted the cat, and they formed part of my food supply.

After a few days....

Strange.... I must have a good luck?

Her stats are... meh.. and her traits are... WTf. A boring pawn.
But she can use weapons so, it’s fine for now.. I guess.

The next day...

What is this..... Ancient ruins?
I immediately sent an expedition to investigate.

Turns out to be a refugee.

A god damned pyromaniac.
Well, he chose not to join the group so no worries there.

Notice to next player:
We are accumulating wealth.. Next raids will be more intense.

The next day, a thrumbo appeared and I... hunted, I mean shot it. So the bird became a manhunter and all pawns are now hunkering inside the base.

Thrumbo sure are durable. My pawn shot it many times already but the thrumbo doesn’t seem to mind.
The hunt lasted for three days? (not so sure) until i downed the great bird.

I rescued the thrumbo and drugged it with luciferium because of infection and severe bleeding. He managed to survive the infection and the bleeding but the greater problem is...

The thrumbo is wandering in the hospital.

I end my turn here.. Hopefully, I didn’t do too bad. I hope the next player takes good care of our pokemon in the hospital.

Pels (signing out.)