Hey guys! So you’ve clicked on this doc, huh? That means you must know that we are holding a Make Your Own Spell Competition! This is to celebrate the fact that we got hidden room status, and yes, we know we are a bit late. Better late than never, however. Below, you will find the guidelines on how to enter, what to include in your spell doc, how the voting process will happen and prizes.


Create a Google Doc or unlisted pastebin which meets all the guidelines below for your spell, and then PM it to a room staff. We will then submit it and put it up for voting. You have 14 days (2 weeks) to submit your entries, with the deadline being on the 10th of May, and each user can submit a maximum of 3 entries.


The guidelines for making your own spell are:

- Make a creative name

- Make the incantation (bonus: explain how you thought of the name, e.g. what languages is it derived from, what does it mean)

- Describe the effect

- Describe any additional side effects, or situations where it may backfire

- Describe some positive and negatives about it

- Describe what it looks like

- Describe how you thought of the spell

- Explain why you think your spell is the most useful in the Harry Potter world

- Explain why you think your spell should win the competition

If you want an example, here's the sample doc we made!

This is the type of thing we would expect from you if you want to win the competition. We are looking for creativity, detail, and practicality.


- Copy from other people, or simply adapt existing spells thinking we won't notice. Trust me, we will, and you will be instantly disqualified and maybe even forbidden from taking part in future competitions like this.

- Bribe staff to vote for your entry. We will not accept ANY bribes, and this will also get you automatically disqualified and could render you unable to take part in any other contests like this in future.

- Submit more than three entries. We will only count your most recent three.

- Harass staff asking when the voting period will be over. Be patient. We are busy people who have lives just like you do, and it will not take long.


At the end of the five days submission period, staff will review all the docs in a fair and unbiased way, and vote on which ones they think are the 5 best. This will take roughly 48 hours (2 days). After this, the top 5 will be submitted to the regs to vote on. After this voting period is over, the winners will be announced in the room and on Discord.


Ahahaha, now this is the good bit. The bit that you’ve been waiting for. The reason why you read through the rest of the doc. We can confirm that the prizes are good, and worth the wait.


- 750 House Points.

- A custom role name with a custom colour in the Discord.

- A mention in the roomintro.

- A nomination for voice (meaning we will consider you for voice).

- A custom intro/joinphrase.


- 500 House Points.

- A custom role name but no custom colour (just plain white) in the Discord.

- A mention in the roomintro.

- A custom intro/joinphrase.


- 350 House Points.

- A mention in the roomintro.

- A custom intro/joinphrase.

That’s all you need to know for this spell competition. If you need any more help, PM a roomstaff member. We would be more than happy to oblige. Good luck trying to get those snazzy prizes, and most importantly, have fun!