Scholarship Guidelines:

  1. All NEW ATHLETES and RETURNING ATHLETES are eligible for consideration for 'needs-based' scholarships only.

  1. NEW ATHLETES are defined as athletes (rowers and coxswains) who have not rowed with FOCC in the last 2 calendar years).

  1. RETURNING ATHLETES are defined as athletes (rowers and coxswains) who have rowed with FOCC in the last 2 calendar years.

  1. Previous scholarship receipt does not disqualify applicants from eligibility.  New athlete and returning athlete scholarship applicants should understand that needs-based will consider best-efforts/family contributions toward the total tuition value.  FOCC recognizes that not all families are able to support important activities, but does acknowledge that contributing to the cost where possible allows the scholarships to help more athletes.  

  1. Financial information gathered will be non-intrusive, self-reported information, demonstrating financial need.  Applicants are encouraged to provide as much supporting detail as possible to support scholarship request.

  1. All applicants should understand that needs-based scholarships are not a funded resource of Friends of Concord Crew.  They are an investment from the operating budget of FOCC, to align with the mission of FOCC and support youth athletics in the greater Concord, NH community.  Our goal remains to allow every athlete to row, and in turn become a stakeholder in the experience that is Concord Crew!

  1. All applicants should understand that an application for a scholarship will be reviewed in a timely manner and recipients will be offered their scholarship via contact by an FOCC board member, and in writing.  Acceptance of scholarship offer must be received in writing (email), if/when offered.  If a scholarship is offered, but declined, FOCC reserves the right to select another recipient.

  1. Scholarships will be awarded as a function of total applicants received, including an FOCC Board voting process on the merits of each scholarship.  The voting process will be a closed session and both the applicants and recipients will remain confidential to the Board of FOCC.

  1. Recipients of a scholarship offer will be expected to contribute on “all hands” days for a minimum as a volunteer.  As previously noted, FOCC scholarships is an unfunded liability to FOCC that comes at the expense of equipment maintenance and repair, and other essential costs.  Scholarship recipients are expected to volunteer at least 10 hours throughout the season on non-practice days along with other athletes as the needs of the organization dictate.  There will be no ‘calling out’ for failing to volunteer, but failure on the part of the recipient to ‘give back’ may deem them ineligible for additional scholarship eligibility in the future.

  1. Recipients accepting a partial scholarship will be expected to deliver their family contribution for the balance of the tuition due in a timely manner as determined by the Board of FOCC.  Delays in paying tuition balance may result in termination of scholarship or barred registration in future seasons with FOCC.

  1. FOCC reserves the right to terminate a scholarship based upon conduct or other activity deemed inconsistent with the mission and values of FOCC.

  1. All scholarship applications must be received, in good order (all sections complete), NLT 5:00 pm on the week prior to registration closing for the season.

  1. All applications must be completed on the attached form.